How To Organize A Storage Unit

If you are planning on moving or you simply need more space for your belongings, self-storage units are a convenient option to safely store your items.  Rather than clutter your home or garage with seasonal items, large boxes, or heavy items, store them in a secure storage unit and leave your worries behind.

Just make sure you have a plan to pack and organize the storage unit so that you don’t lose track of what you have. Most companies offer a wide range of storage solutions of various sizes, as well as temperature controlled storage units and non-temperature controlled storage units.

What’s the first step to help you organize your storage?

Create a List of Your Items

Start by making a list of all of the items you plan on storing. This will help you determine the size storage unit you’ll need. In addition, you’ll also figure out whether you need a temperature controlled unit by making a list. If you plan on storing items for a long period of time and you live in an area with extreme heat, humidity, or cold, a temperature controlled unit is probably a good choice. Items such as electronics, art, photographs, wine, antiques, furniture pieces, and collectibles are typical items that may require a temperature controlled storage solution.

Choose Your Storage Bins or Boxes

Now that you have a nice, organized list of the items you’re going to store, the next step is to figure out the amount of boxes, containers, and bins you’ll need. Cardboard boxes are good for certain items, especially if you only need storage for a short period of time. They’re cheaper than bins and you can find sturdy corrugated boxes that will do the trick. The downside to boxes is that they don’t stack as well as plastic bins. They also may break down easier than plastic bins if you choose a non-temperature controlled unit. Regardless of what kind of container you use, label what the items are on the outside of the box or bin.

Disassemble Large Items

If you have larger items, it’s a great idea to disassemble them into smaller pieces. Not only will this make it easier to pack, it will also provide more room in your storage unit. Furniture is a great example; packing the hardware and other furniture pieces separate will make storage a lot easier. It will also maximize the space in your storage unit.

Item Placement

A big part of properly organizing your storage is where you place the items within your storage unit. Pack the items you’ll need quick and easy access to last, near the front of the unit. Put the larger items, like couches or dining room tables, along the side and back walls. Stack your boxes or bins neatly, with the heavier items on the bottom. You can also store clothes, pillows, blankets, and other similar items in dresser drawers or cabinets. Wall art, photos, and mirrors should be wrapped up and stored standing straight up. You can also stack chairs on top of one another to provide more space. Lastly, don’t forget to leave some pathways within the unit so you can easily access your stored items when needed.

We hope you found these storage tips useful. Properly organizing a storage unit will help protect your items and will make them easier to access. At Fairfax City Self Storage, you will easily find the right storage solution to fit your needs. In business since 1990, we offer affordable storage solutions, both temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled, for anybody looking to safely store their belongings, whether short or long-term.

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