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Moving and Packing Supplies Fairfax Virginia

At Fairfax City Self-Storage, we’ve had over 30 years to perfect the art of moving and storing. Our high-quality units, convenient location, and packing expertise make storage with us easy and hassle-free. Keep reading for our favorite storage tools, tips, and tricks.

Packing Supplies

Your moving and packing supplies will vary based on your storage plan, but almost every unit will require a few key items. We recommend and offer the following packing supplies to make your move easier:

  1. Cardboard boxes. From small boxes for books to wardrobe boxes for your winter clothes, boxes of all sizes are an absolute must for storage. Use standardized boxes for easy stacking.
  2. Packing tape. Keep your moving and packing boxes firmly sealed with strong, adhesive, durable packing tape.
  3. Bubble wrap. Cushion precious items or keep loose possessions from rattling around with everyone’s favorite packing product. Inexpensive, lightweight, and very fun to pop, this is a moving must.

Packing Tips

Our temperature controlled units provide the perfect environment for worry-free storage. Take full advantage of your space with expert packing. Before moving in:

  1. Invest in good materials. Cheap bins and boxes will deteriorate over time, leading to warping and – eventually – breakage. Pre-used boxes or grocery bags may carry odors and residue from previous contents, both threatening your possessions and attracting pests. However long you plan to keep your items in storage, investing in sturdy materials is a must.
  2. Plan your space. We recommend putting big items such as furniture along the walls or in the back of the unit. Keeping small, seasonal items near the front increases accessibility and can make your unit more functional.
  3. Pack smart. Don’t pack boxes heavier than you can lift and make sure to protect fragile items with packing materials such as packing peanuts or newspaper.
  4. Get creative. Within reason, you can repurpose some household items as containers for smaller pieces. Keep clothes in suitcases, stack books on bookshelves, hold sheets in laundry baskets, etc. While not great for stacking or uniformity, being smart about your space can reduce the amount of packing you need to do before moving.
  5. Label. Even if you remember exactly which box you put the Christmas decorations in, boxes tend to look pretty similar once they get shuffled around. Writing the contents of the box on the outside will save you a lot of trouble.

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Fairfax City Self-Storage is the perfect choice for Virginians looking for a secure, professional storage option. We offer temperature controlled units and around the clock access to all of your possessions. Contact us to get started today.

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