What is Climate Controlled Storage?


Climate controlled storage includes units that are temperature controlled, typically between 55 and 85 degrees, in order to keep items safe from the elements like heat, cold, and humidity. Fairfax City Self Storage is a locally owned and operated climate controlled storage provider located in Fairfax VA. These units are great for storing any items, belongings, or valuables that are sensitive to the ever-changing environment. Our clean well lit indoor storage facilities provide fixed temperature levels and protection from the weather, protecting your items from any damage.


Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?


If you have valuables or any items that could be susceptible to the heat, cold, or sun, then you should consider climate controlled storage. If you’re looking to add some space to your home, a climate controlled unit is a great choice, giving you not only peace of mind that your valuables are safe from the elements and protected, but at the same time providing you with more room in your home.


What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?


Items that are valuable should be considered for climate controlled storage. In addition, things like photos, cameras, electronics, wine, furniture, wood, fabrics such as leather, records, CD’s, DVD’s, newspapers, books, computers, speakers, and much more should be in a unit that is climate controlled. Here’s one way to know if your items need to be stored in one of our units: Do you consider the item valuable and do you want to keep it for many years? Heat and humidity in the summer months can do extensive damage to items if you store them in the garage or shed. Newspapers and books may be damaged from exposure to the sun. Wood furniture is also susceptible to the changing weather. Extreme cold during the winter months can cause damage to many electronics. If you’re looking to keep valuable items for an extended period of time, and you want the item to look and feel like the first day you brought it home, climate controlled storage units are perfect!


Facility Features and Services


Located just 5 minutes from the Beltway and 10 minutes from Route 66, Fairfax City Self Storage has an abundance of climate controlled units available for our customers. We also provide carts, have elevators in all of our buildings, and offer drive up, ground level, and second floor unit storage options. All of our units are built with all masonry construction. In addition, we provide:

  • 24 Hour Security

  • Easy and Quick Access

  • Interior and Exterior Monitoring with Cameras 

  • Entry via Secure Key Pad Gate

  • Well-Lit Surroundings 


Convenient Climate Controlled Storage in Fairfax, VA


With monthly specials, no hidden fees, and many different units and unit sizes available, we have the climate controlled storage solution for you. For more information and to reserve your storage unit today, call us at (703) 978-1200 or visit our office.


We’re proud to provide the best climate controlled storage units in Fairfax City VA!

Climate Controlled Storage

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