Do I Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Do you Need a Climate Controlled Unit?

Storage units can be a lifesaver when your home or business starts to feel cluttered with items that are not used every day. These items, like important documents, may be necessary or hold sentimental worth and feel important to keep, like photo albums. Deciding whether to use climate controlled storage brings up many questions and it can be difficult to decide on the appropriate storage for your belongings. Do I need climate controlled storage and how much space is there? What items need climate control? Here, we give you all the answers, so you know if our climate controlled storage units are right for your precious belongings.

Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is the perfect solution for those valuable items you don’t currently have the space for in your workplace or home. Our temperature-controlled storage at Fairfax City Storage can be regulated to keep the temperature the same as you have it at home or in the workplace. Our climate controlled storage units are typically between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit no matter the climate outside and are maintained locally so there is always someone on-site to ensure the units are at the correct temperature. This means that your antique furniture or mattress won’t suffer any damage from cracking or mold as they won’t be subject to any extreme temperatures.

The air quality in a climate controlled storage unit is excellent because it continuously circulates. This means that your possessions won’t need aerating, so you only need to visit the storage unit when you want to, you aren’t tied to visiting to let fresh air in. Aerating keeps the objects stored in the condition you left them, no matter how long you store them.

What Size Are Temperature-Control Storage Units

At Fairfax City Self Storage, our temperature-control storage units are available in multiple sizes to suit your needs. From smaller units sized 4 x 4 x 4 that are the size of a locker all the way up to storage units sized 10 x 20 which are similar to a large, single-stall garage, you can find the size of climate controlled storage that will perfectly house your items securely and safely.

What to Store in Climate Control Self Storage

You can store anything you like in climate control self storage. Anything you put in will come out exactly as you left it. Climate control self storage is perfect for items that are a little sensitive to changes in climate and weather. This is our list of items that we would recommend storing in climate controlled storage units:

Storing any of these items in our Fairfax City temperature-controlled storage units will ensure they are kept in the same perfect working order as you put them in, no matter how long you store them.

Choose Fairfax City Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Fairfax City Storage is the place to go when you are searching for cheap climate controlled storage near me. Friendly and with excellent customer service, your local Fairfax, Virginia, storage unit provider will keep your prized possessions safe and secure whether it be for a few weeks or decades. Contact us for more information and to reserve your storage units today. Also, check out our blog for more invaluable and insightful information about Fairfax City Storage.

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