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How to Pack Your Car for Moving

Whether you’re moving across the country or simply down the street, it’s always important to know how to pack your car for moving. These tips will of course be helpful for moves, but also for long road trips or college moving days, which can often be rushed or high-stress.

If, at the end of your pack, you realize your car is too full, you might want to opt for a moving truck. At Fairfax Self-Storage, we’ve got you covered with our convenient free moving truck service that is full available with a storage rental (also a handy thing to have when moving).

Keep reading to find out how you can become an expert mover with our tips for packing your car!

Things to Do Before You Pack Your Car

Before you even begin packing your car, you need to prepare; this preparation step will save you in the long run, as you won’t have to deal with the aftermath of moving when you’re tired or just want to enjoy your new home.

Before packing your car for moving, here are the things to do beforehand!

Purge Your Stuff

Out with the old is the best mentality to have before a move. It can give you a clearer head going into a stressful move, but also – it means there’s less you have to pack! A win-win.

Create three piles: keep, donate, and trash. Organize your items into these corresponding piles and you’ll find that packing is a lot less stressful once you’ve streamlined your home.

Stop Buying Anything New

Along with a good home purge, we recommend not buying anything new for about two months before a move. The excitement of a new home or space can often leave us jaded to the amount we’ll have to actually move on the day. So, always wait until you’re in your new home to go shopping!

Clean Your Car

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s often the one that people forget about the most. Getting an interior car detail or even just vacuuming it out yourself can save you the hassle of having to cram your items with the junk that’s already in your car.

Take the week before and really do a deep clean of the car. Once you get to the day of the move, you’ll be happy you did it.

Organize Your Items

Before a move, it’s always best to take inventory – what can go in the car or what needs to be in a moving truck? Organize your items by size, weight, and accessibility in order to best determine where they’ll be placed during the move. For example, you might not want to pack your child’s favorite toy in the far front of your moving truck.

Invest in Storage Extras for Your Car

If you find that you can’t fit everything in your car, it might be time to invest in storage extras for your car. This can look like an attachable bike rack or a rooftop cargo system that allows you additional space for your sportier items.

How to Pack Your Car 101

Now that you’ve properly prepped both your car and items, it’s time to learn how to pack your car for moving. These tips will vary depending on your car size, your items, and the length of your trip, but overall, they’ll give you a great roadmap if you’re new to moving or just need a good refresh!

Avoid Moving Boxes

While we love moving boxes for most situations, car packing is not one of them. Moving boxes are an awkward shape for a car and can offer your less space than a plastic garbage bag. If you still want to use a moving box, opt for smaller ones that you can maneuver easier within your trunk.

Use Plastic Bags

For packing your car, there’s no better medium than a good old-fashioned plastic garbage bag! These babies are great for clothes, DVDs, blankets, or towels – basically anything that isn’t fragile. You can alter their shape and place them anywhere inside your car without the passenger being uncomfortable. All-in-all, these are our top pick when packing your car!

Pack Heavy (Non-Fragile) Items First

When packing your car, it’s important to remember that fragile items must go in first. This will help avoid any excess movement during the ride that can cause breakage, spills, etc. You can also utilize packing peanuts or blankets as an extra cushion.

Keep All Windows Visible

Before heading out, do a double-check of your windows and make sure that you haven’t packed any boxes or bags that will block your visibility. This is an important safety issue that can even get you stopped by law enforcement.

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