How To Properly Store Tires

How to Store Tires in a Storage Unit


Are you curious about how to store tires properly? Do the storage temperature and where you store them make a difference? Whether you are looking to store tires long-term or just for a short while, this article will look at everything you want to know about how to store tires safely.


We will discuss different types of tires, how to store them, how to store tires based on different seasons, including warm summer and cold winter months, and whether or not climate-controlled storage is necessary.


How To Store Tires Properly

Knowing how to store tires in a garage correctly is vital. Generally, a rule of thumb for all tires is to keep them stored in a clean, climate-controlled area away from direct sunlight or a heat source. Tires should be cleaned and placed in air-tight protective bags. Then, ideally, tires are stacked vertically or one on top of the other rather than stacking horizontally to avoid tire damage and distortion.


Storing Different Types of Tires

Depending on the type of tire you have will determine how you should store the tires. For instance, whitewall or tires with raised white lettering must be stored facing one another and away from any dirt, grease, oil, or grim that could dirty the tires.


If you are storing tires with their rim still on, storing them from a hanging position using tire racks or hooks is best. You can also store wheels and tires stacked one on top of the other but not horizontally lined up on the floor.


How To Store Tires in Summer and Winter

You want to avoid exposing your stored tires to warm or cold weather elements. Changing temperatures can cause damage to your tires, including cracking. Therefore, a cool, dark, ventilated room is best.


How to Store Tires Long Term

To store tires for the long term, keep your tires in a cool, dry, open-air space without changing temperatures. If you do so, your tires can be stored safely without causing any damage for many years. However, when taking your tires out of storage, be sure to inspect them thoroughly for signs of wear, crack, or dry rot.



Do You Need to Store Tires in A Climate-Controlled Space?

To protect the longevity of your tires, it is best to store them in a climate-controlled space. They can be stored in a dry basement, but an attic is not a great place to keep them as it will have fluctuating temperatures that can hurt the tires. To learn about other benefits of temperature-controlled storage, check out our blog that details when and why you would need a temperature-controlled storage space.



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