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How to Store a Blow Up Pool in a Storage Unit

When the weather is warm, enjoying the outdoors is one of the most fun things to do. In the summer, that includes going for a swim in your backyard pool to stay cool. But in Fairfax, Virginia, summer only lasts so long, and soon it will be time to put away the waders, swim trunks, and of course, the kiddie pool.

Even small inflatable pools have become a bit expensive in recent years, so you want to make sure yours will stay in good shape until next season. Fairfax City Self Storage can help you keep your pool intact with a professional storage solution. We’ve also put together a few tips on how to store a blow up pool in your storage unit so it remains useful for summers to come.

Why Store an Inflatable Pool in a Storage Unit?

You will likely need to know how to store a pool for the winter, and a professional storage solution is a perfect choice when you don’t have enough space at home. If you don’t have a garage or attic (or these places are already full), a storage unit can be used to keep seasonal items accessible for when summer comes around.

Even if you do have space at your residence, consider a storage unit for the following reasons:

  • Your pool can become filthy if kept in a garage where dirt and debris are tracked in.
  • If you stuff your pool into an attic or crawl space, you run the risk of a puncture if placed against a sharp item.
  • Finding a spot to store your pool at home can require heavy lifting and moving items.

Forget the hassle and follow a few easy steps for how to store a kiddie pool or a full-size inflatable pool in a storage unit.

How to Store an Inflatable Pool Checklist

While each blow up pool has different features and functionality, you can use the following checklist for any product to keep it safe and secure until it’s time to go for a swim next summer:

  • Remove any external components from the pool, such as ladders, hoses, nozzles, pumps, float toys, etc.
  • Drain your pool following specific manufacturer directions.
  • Deflate and flatten your pool and dry it completely to remove any excess moisture.
  • Use sanitization products (bleach, vinegar, scum remover) that kill bacteria but won’t harm your pool. Dry for a second time.
  • Check for any busted seams or punctures and patch/repair accordingly.
  • Fold your pool, starting by meeting the sides of the walls and folding it in half. Roll or fold the single strip to meet the size of a chosen container.
  • Store your pool in manufacturer-recommended packaging or use an alternative, such as a clean waste canister with a lid.
  • Store any external pool components separately.

Store Your Pool in Temperature Controlled Storage

The most important step to remember when determining how to store a kiddie pool is to choose temperature controlled storage. Inflatable pools won’t last forever, but they can be used over several seasons if they aren’t left in volatile environments.

Fairfax City Self Storage keeps unit temperatures between 60-75 degrees throughout the year, no matter how cold or hot it is outside. Additionally, our humidity is controlled and monitored all year long, which preserves the life of your pool, removing the threat of moisture and mildew from forming or alternatively, your pool cracking and drying out.

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The team at Fairfax City Self Storage is here to help you with all of your seasonal and long-term storage needs. Store your pool and numerous other items without the hassle of added fees or concerns about safety and security. Our state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located just off of the beltway, and you have controlled access 24/7/365. Contact us for questions or call (703) 978-1200 to secure your professional storage solution today.

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