Storing a Boat in Storage

How to Store a Boat in a Storage Unit

Whether you need to store your boat away for winter or you’re looking for a great, long-term storage solution, the team at Fairfax city self-storage has you covered with our top tips for how to store a boat in a storage unit.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare, store, and maintain your ultimate water companion so that it can stay looking just as good as the day you bought it!

6 Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Storage

Before you can actually store your boat, there are a few key “to-do list” items that need to be taken care of in order to prevent your boat from rusting or falling victim to troublesome engine issues.

Here are our five top tips for preparing your boat for storage!

Do a Final Run

If you know you’re getting ready for boat storage, check for any issues your boat may have on your final run, including engine sounds, cracks in the hull, or leaks. Use that final summer hoorah ride for both fun and important checks.

Get the Interior Ready

While boats may be made of a variety of different materials, most will have some sort of exposed surfaces like vinyl, metal, or fiberglass, that can stain or mold if left untreated. Using a protective solution, simply clean any exposed materials that may alter in the elements and empty any areas with perishable items, including the fridge, cabinets, or bathrooms.

Clean the Exterior

Once you’re finishing preparing the interior, you can move on to cleaning the exterior of your boat. With simple soap and water, remove any grime or dirt that was left behind from a previous trip. Remember that any blemishes that don’t get cleaned before storage can often damage your boat’s finish over time, so it’s best to get that sorted as soon as possible. For increased rust or corrosion prevention, we recommend adding wax to the hull, as well.

Get a Maintenance Check

As time consuming as it may seem, getting routine maintenance checks both during the year and before long-term storage is key for ensuring the health and longevity of your boat! Let’s face it, boats are not cheap. The key to making the investment last is to perform regular maintenance checks, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Fuel treatment
  • Antifreeze replacement/drainage
  • Battery disconnection
  • Fog oil coat for engine

Fill Your Gas Tank

Often times, condensation can build up in your gas tank if there’s no fuel left in, so it’s important to fill your gas tank with fuel and fuel stabilizer before storing your boat away – especially for winter. Empty tanks can lead to corrosion, which you definitely don’t want.

Cover Your Boat

Whether you’re an every-day boat rider or a casual, summer boater, you should always invest in a good boat cover. Opt for a fitted, breathable boat cover that will protect your prized possession away from the elements, like dust, critters, and sunlight.

How Much Does It Cost to Store a Boat?

How much your boat storage will cost is ultimately going to depend on the size of your boat. With a larger boat, you’ll need more storage which will inevitably up the price.

For a majority of boat owners, you’re going to want a temperature-controlled storage unit that’s between 10×20 to 10×35. These prices can vary anywhere between $390 to $485, depending on what you need and your boat size.

Store Your Boat at Fairfax City Self Storage

Ready to store your boat in a storage unit for the winter? Don’t worry, our team at Fairfax City Storage are experts and are available Monday through Saturday to help you find the exact storage unit you need!

For questions about boat storage units or to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives, please contact us today!

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