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How to Store a Car in a Storage Unit

You never know when you may need to store a car. From city dwellers without a place to park to owning a classic vehicle that sees limited road time, there can be a wide variety of reasons for placing a car in self storage.

If you’ve ever wondered “can you store a car in a storage unit?” The answer is: “yes”. However, the type of unit you store the vehicle in and how you do it all depends on several factors.

Choosing Where to Store Your Car

Only you know how much access you will need to your vehicle, whether you plan to store it long term or short term, and if any other items will be kept in your storage unit.

Various car storage solutions are available to meet your specific requirements. If you don’t know exactly what you need, talking with a safe, reliable self storage provider is a good start:

  1. Regardless of space or special circumstances, you want to know your vehicle will be protected. A professional storage company should have a clean, updated facility with secure access, around-the-clock camera monitoring, sturdy metal partitions to separate units, and other features and resources.
  2. Your storage company must have car storage units available. These units need to include a comfortable amount of room to park and 24/7/365 access to your vehicle.
  3. Drive-up units with options for different vehicle lengths and heights must be available. Obviously, unlike clothes or light furniture, you can’t just walk a vehicle up the stairs or place it in an elevator. With drive-up storage, you can pull your vehicle in and out of the enclosure at your convenience.

If you plan to access your vehicle or keep it anywhere close to the current condition, it’s important to choose a storage unit that will keep your car out of harm’s way.

What Size Storage Unit for a Car?

Personal sized units won’t fit a vehicle, but there are car storage solutions available.

The most common unit sizes for cars include:

With a 10×20 or 10×25 unit, you may only be able to store your car and nothing else. If you have a small sedan or compact SUV (anywhere from 12 to 20 feet) this will be the case. Trucks and modified vehicles with large frames over 20 feet will need a larger unit.

If you plan to store other items in addition to your vehicle, ensure you have enough space for a comfortable fit. Usually, you can store a few items at the ends or sides of the unit with a vehicle inside, however, large items will require more space. Remember that to move your car, you will also need to move these items.

Caring for Your Vehicle While in Storage

Safety is always of the utmost importance when it comes to car storage. To store your vehicle, it must be running or on a trailer. You will also be required to have your title and any other legal documentation.

We are commonly asked if you can work on your vehicle while it is in storage. Due to the risks associated with fluids and combustion, on-site vehicle maintenance is not allowed. Additionally, we are asked “how often should I start my car in storage?” Best practices suggest you should turn the ignition over once per week. To start your vehicle, you must remove it from the unit and complete this action in fresh air.

Finally, a few car storage tips to remember when caring for your vehicle in storage:

  • Keep a cover on the car to prevent dust or debris from causing damage.
  • Use a jack to avoid flat spots on your tires and suspension issues.
  • Take the car for a drive every now and then.

If you plan to store the vehicle for an extended period of time, remove any important items from the vehicle, disconnect the battery, fill the gas tank, and add fuel stabilizer.

Fairfax City Self Storage: Your Trusted Car Storage Unit Provider

For a first-class car storage experience, work with the professional staff at Fairfax City Self Storage. Located just off the beltway in Fairfax, Virginia, our state-of-the-art facility is local, so you can safely access your vehicle whenever you want. We don’t believe in hidden fees and will work with you to find the best car storage unit for your needs. Contact us today to secure your storage unit or give us a call at  (703) 978-1200 for more information.

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