How to Store a Couch

How to Store a Couch in a Storage Unit

A couch is one of those items that can be difficult to store at home due to its often cumbersome size and weight. Whether you are in the middle of a move to a new home or workplace and need storage for a limited time or are redecorating, or have received new furniture so need to know how to store a couch long term, Fairfax City Self Storage has the solution to keep your couch safe and protected so you don’t have the headache of trying to store it yourself. If you are moving out of your house or apartment, we have the packing tips that will help you have a smooth move.

Storing a Couch in a Storage Unit

If you want to keep your couch looking as good in storage as it currently does, we have tips and tricks that you should follow to learn how to store a couch in a storage unit. Use these tips before shutting the door on your couch at your Fairfax City Self Storage unit to keep it looking its best.

Clean Your Couch

Ensure that you give your couch a deep clean before storing it. If you have a fabric couch, remove the covers and pop them in the washing machine before drying and putting them back on the sofa. For leather sofas, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa all over. Remove the cushions if possible and clean in between and underneath where lots of debris collect over time. Wipe over the feet and other non-fabric areas of your couch. Use a mild detergent and a microfiber cloth to clean the sofa and look for stubborn stains to spot clean. We have a great article on storing leather furniture in a storage unit if you are looking for more information on protecting your leather goods.

Measure Your Couch

You are measuring your couch for two reasons. The first reason is so you know how big a unit you need to get to store your couch so that it fits. Fairfax City Self Storage has a wide range of sizes, starting at 4×4 up to 10×35. The second reason is so you can cover your couch appropriately. Plastic wrap is popular but not recommended as it doesn’t let your couch breathe and can trap moisture which promotes mold. You should always cover your couch with blankets or sheets instead.

Prepare the Storage Unit

Before storing a couch in a storage unit, you need to prepare the unit. Ensure you lay a tarp or bricks on the ground to keep the couch lifted. This will prevent the couch from being affected by any moisture. Make sure the couch is stored at least 10cm away from any walls to allow the material to breathe. Although tempting to save space by storing a couch in a storage unit on its side, this can damage the couch’s structure. Always store a couch the right way up and with nothing stored on top of it to keep the cushions and springs intact. Consider a temperature-controlled storage unit as you can control the temperature and keep it at the same level as your home to avoid any mold or damage that could occur from humidity or changes in temperature.

Book A Unit at Fairfax City Self Storage

Fairfax City Self Storage has the space, temperature-controlled units, and security you need. Knowing how to store a couch in a storage unit appropriately will help to keep it in great condition for as long as it’s in storage. Fairfax City Self Storage offers a minimum of a one-month rental which can then be renewed month to month after the first month. This offers great flexibility, allowing you to store your items for as long as you wish. Our facility is also fully-gated 24/7 and secure with cameras throughout. Contact us today for more information or to book your Fairfax City Self Storage unit.

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