Tips on Storing a Freezer

How to Store a Freezer in a Storage Unit

Freezers are big, bulky appliances that take up a lot of room. If you’re moving to a smaller apartment or condo, you may not have the space to store your freezer fridge at home. Or maybe you have a refrigerator-freezer combo and currently don’t need a full freezer but still want to keep it. Luckily, there are options for you to keep your freezer and safely. When storing a freezer or a refrigerator in a self-storage unit, there are some things you can do to ensure that it stays in good condition while it’s not being used. Here are some tips and tricks for how to store a freezer in your storage unit.

How to Care for a Freezer When Not in Use

When storing a freezer in a storage unit, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your freezer in good working conditions and for safety.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the unit is in good condition. Ensure there are no leaks or holes in the walls and floors of the freezer. Does it make a lot of unusual noise when running? If so it could need repair. Any repairs should be done before placing it into storage.

Next, make sure that your freezer is clean and empty before you move it into the storage unit. It should be defrosted and cleaned out completely before being placed in the storage unit so that any bacteria that might have built up will not contaminate other items with bad odors or mold.

How to Clean a Freezer Before Placing in Storage

Empty all contents out of your freezer before cleaning. Without any clutter you’ll be able to get into tight spots and nooks and crannies for a thorough cleaning.

Start by using a mild dishwashing liquid, warm water and soft sponge to clean the outside of the unit. If you have any stubborn stains, use a little bleach or cleansing powder and scrub them off. If there are scratches or other marks apply matching touch-up paint to the affected areas.

Wipe down every surface inside of your freezer with an anti-bacterial or disinfectant cleaner. Make sure that you leave no food residue behind after doing so because this could cause mold growth if left unchecked over time.

Once done cleaning both inside and out, dry everything off with a clean towel. You can prop open a freezer door and let the inside air dry but make sure to do so safely. If there are small children or pets around, it’s best to wipe the inside of the freezer thoroughly and close the door when finished rather than leaving it open and unattended.

Will Storing a Freezer Unplugged Ruin it?

If you’re storing your freezer in a storage unit, it’s best to turn off the power beforehand. This will help ensure that no power is being wasted by keeping it plugged in during its time in storage. Storing your freezer unplugged into a storage unit will not ruin it.

Should I Leave the Freezer Door Open or Closed During Storage?

Even after a good cleaning of the inside of the freezer, keeping a freezer door shut for long periods can build up musty smells. It’s better to keep the freezer door slightly open during storage. In some cases, you may want to remove the door entirely, which is perfectly acceptable. Removing the door will ensure that no small animals or children will get locked into the freezer.

Store Your Freezer in a Safe Spot

If your storage unit is full, you can place items in the freezer. Don’t place anything unsanitary such as shoes or chemicals, in the freezer. If placing items in the freezer for storage, keep the door open to avoid musty smells on the items you put in the unused freezer. Things such as holiday decorations, clothing, or bedding would do well in an unused freezer.

After your freezer is cleaned and dry and ready to be moved into a storage unit, ensure all cords and cables are placed within the freezer. Tape them together or put them in a bag, so nothing gets lost or misplaced. As with any large items, lift and move with the utmost care. Do not store upright freezers on their sides or face down. Always have vertical freezers stored upright.

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Whether you’re storing a freezer for the summer, winter, or long term, it’s important to keep your freezer in good shape by keeping it clean and dry. Placing large items such as a freezer in a climate controlled storage unit is a perfect option for those tight on space. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your unused freezer is out of the way of children and small pets.

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