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How to Store a Weed Wacker in a Storage Unit

Weed wackers are essential for keeping your lawn or garden looking beautiful in the spring and summer months. Once the leaves start changing and the temperatures drop, it will be time to switch out the summer tools for the snow blower and shovels. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out the best way to store your weed wacker, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we understand how important it is to ensure that your appliances are properly stored, and we work hard to create a safe and secure environment for your belongings. Let’s review the best storage tips for keeping your weed wacker safe and secure when it’s not in use.

Storing a Cordless Weed Wacker

Cordless and electric weed wackers are generally the easiest to pack away because they don’t have the same complexities that come with gas tank tools. For battery-powered weed wackers, you want to first separate the battery from the tool, and store it in a cool, dry area. After this, you can place the machine wherever works best for your space, whether it’s on a horizontal shelf or a vertical hanger. If you have a unit that needs to be plugged in to operate, ensure that all the parts are clean, wrap the power cord around the unit’s arm, and place it where it will work best for you.

Gas-Fueled Weed Wackers

When it comes to weed wackers that use gasoline, there will always be an extra level of care needed when storing the unit. The first thing you want to do when storing one of these machines is make sure the gas tank is completely empty before storing it. This will ensure there is no possibility of leakage or gas deterioration, which happens to non-stabilized gasoline after about six months. When possible, transfer the unused gas to another machine instead of dumping it out.

The next step is to thoroughly clean your machine, which involves two steps: the air filters and the carburetor.

How to Clean Air Filters

Gas-powered weed wackers are fitted with air filters that are meant to protect the engine components. These air filters tend to accumulate dirt both while being used and while in storage. To clean out these filters, look at the back of the engine box, where the filters are usually covered by plastic. Unscrew the plastic, then, use an old toothbrush or soft brush to scrub away any visible dust. You can use acetone to clear away any grime.

How to Clean a Carburetor

The carburetor of your weed wacker is an attachment that transfers fuel from the gas tank to the engine. This means that there are usually residual traces of gasoline left in it, which needs to be completely cleaned before storing your unit. Thankfully, cleaning your carburetor is easy. When your gas tank is empty, turn on the unit and let it run until it shuts off on its own, which will signal that the unused gas in the carburetor lines is all burned off.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Manufacturers have stated that the best way to store weed wackers is with the engine up and the arm hanging down. However, if you’ve cleaned and emptied your unit, then there won’t be any complications with storing it vertically or horizontally. Never leave your weed wacker lying on the ground, as it may get damaged. Instead, use wall shelving or hooks.

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