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How to Store Appliances Long-Term

How to Store Appliances Long-Term

It is important to carefully follow storage instructions to protect the appliances and prevent damage to the unit. When storing large and small appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens, freezers, microwaves, and blenders, choosing an appropriately sized, climate-controlled storage unit and following packing tips is essential. Check out these helpful tips for packing and storing appliances safely.

Properly Cleaning Appliances

A thorough cleaning of appliances is essential to prevent damage, mold, and pests and control animals. To store appliances long-term, begin by ensuring all appliances are powered off, then draining and cleaning every part of the appliances, including tubes, lint filters, and more. Carefully wipe down these crevasses, removing all food particles, dust, dirt, and liquid before storing them.

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Protect Appliances with Pest Spray

After cleaning the appliances, inspect for hidden insects and pests in tiny crevices. To prevent these pests from damaging the appliances, spray them with an insect spray or a pesticide. Remember that once you remove the appliances from the stage, you will want to clean them again to remove any harmful chemicals before using them again.

Keep Doors Closed During Transportation

Tape and wrap doors and drawers closed on appliances during transportation and storage. These doors and drawers will often swing open during transportation, potentially damaging them and leaving scratches and dents. Wrapping appliances in bubble wrap or moving blankets can also ensure they are transferred and stored safely.

How To Store Kitchen Appliances

To store smaller kitchen appliances, following the above steps are necessary. Properly clean, spray with insect spray and tape doors closed. It is also important to wrap up device cords and tape to the side of the appliance. Then, wrap each device.

Picking the Best Storage Unit

We highly recommend a climate-controlled storage unit tailored to your area’s climate to protect mechanical and electronic components from rust and damage. Consider the size of your appliances and the type of storage unit that will work best. For instance, a 10×15 storage unit is a good solution that can accommodate larger appliances like a washer, dryer, refrigerator, and all the belongings from a medium-sized home.

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We provide large storage solutions, including our 10×15 indoor storage units. These units are spacious enough to accommodate the belongings of a two-to-three-bedroom apartment. You’ll have approximately 150 square feet (1200 cubic feet) of space to work with, and the units come with 8-foot ceilings. Learn more about our sizeable temperature-controlled storage units to safely store all your appliances.

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