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How to Store Belts in a Storage Unit

Whether you’re moving, renovating your home, lack storage space, or just want to take special care of your valuable leather belt collection so it would last a lifetime, knowing how to store belts properly is imperative.

A quality belt is a coveted item for any man’s wardrobe, but they aren’t cheap. The good news? A leather belt can outlast most of your other clothes by years if taken care of properly. While storage methods for clothing and other accessories are pretty straightforward, storing belts can be a little trickier and requires more thought, care, and specialized storage solutions.

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How to Store Your Belts Properly: Convenient Belt Organization & Storage Solutions

There’s no need to get lost in endless belt loops or stumble over impractical belt stockpiles. Here are a couple of ways you can organize and store your treasured leather belt collection for optimal impact, so you never have to worry about how to store belts again.

Hang Your Leather Belt: Utilize Belt Hooks

Belts can be organized by hanging them from the buckle on some type of hook, belt rack, or belt organizer. Many people choose to store their everyday belts by hanging them for convenience because belt storage solutions using belt hooks and belt hangers ensure quick and easy access at all times and also help preserve the leather or other materials.

Roll Your Belt: Use a Drawer Divider / Drawer Organizer

Special occasion belts that are less frequently used (and probably more valuable) are typically rolled and kept in a drawer – a sure way to keep them neatly organized. Rolling leather belts also keep the spot neat and free from scratches, and your prized belts out away from sunlight. Drawer dividers and organizers are usually adjustable so that they can be customized to fit into any drawer and can accommodate belts that don’t have a traditional buckle and therefore cannot be hung.

How to Store Leather Belts Safely? Use a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Expensive belts need to be stored correctly to prevent them from becoming permanently damaged. Leather belts, in particular, are susceptible to cracking, both while stored or when being unrolled. To get the longest usable lifespan out of your precious leather belt, you need to bone up on how to store belts the right way.

Belts should be protected against damage, contamination, moisture, extreme temperatures, and UV light. That’s where temperature-controlled storage units come into play! Storing your leather belts in a storage unit will keep them nicely tucked away from damaging environmental conditions. Paired up with regular cleaning and conditioning, it will ensure your belts last longer, giving you more years of enjoyment with your collection and ultimately, saving you money.

Store Your Leather Belts In Our Self-Storage Units – Make Them Last a Lifetime!

If you’ve noticed that your belts aren’t holding their natural shape or simply don’t last as long as you’d like, you might be storing them incorrectly. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From accessibility to humidity and temperature control, our wide range of climate-controlled self-storage units meet all your needs.

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