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How to Store Bikes in a Storage Unit

Most bike owners know that storing a bike can be a hassle. During the offseason or maybe due to an injury, or you just don’t want to ride, whatever the reason, storing a bike at home can take up valuable space. Storing a bike in a storage unit or shed will keep it safe, free from winter weather and theft. How can you best store your bike and have it ready for spring? We’ve got some ideas.

How to Store Bikes for a Long Time

Long-term storage options for bikes vary. Wall hooks, garage, and freestanding racks are a few options.  There’s also a parking rack where multiple bikes can be placed.

Hanging bikes upright on a wall in a shed or garage is the most common way of bike storage. These types of racks can accommodate different wheel sizes and are generally easy to use.  Depending on the weight of the bike most racks can be placed high enough up on a wall to keep the wheels off the floor.

However, racks and pulley systems can take up valuable space in your garage or apartment. Some landlords don’t allow renters to attach racks or bike hooks on walls. A bike tent is great for outside bike storage or when camping or with an RV. However, tents aren’t ideal for use in the city.

Parking a bike outside for a couple of days is nothing to worry about. As long as it’s secured a little weather won’t hurt.  Parking a bike outside for long periods can degrade and ruin the bike. Depending on where you live damage can happen quickly. If you’re tight on space, the best option for bike storage for the long term is in a shed or storage unit.

Before storing your bike for the long term, make sure you take the proper steps to keep your bike in good condition when sunnier days call.

  • Clean the bike– Never store a dirty bike for long periods. Remove all dirt, caked-on mud, and grime. If there is any rust treat it with a baking soda and vinegar paste. Scrub off until rust is gone. Tend to the saddle by wiping it down and applying a conditioner if needed.
  • Oil cables – Lubricate cables and chains and any metal parts that move when the bike is in motion.
  • Inflate tires– Protect the rims by inflating the tires.
  • Accessories – Remove and wipe down any items such as baskets, horns, bells, or other items attached to the bike. Store in a bag or box.

How to Position Your Bike for Storage

To store your bike for winter it’s best to keep the tires off the ground. Over time the weight of the bike can damage rims or flat spots may occur on tires if they’re not inflated properly. You can use a bike rack or hook to keep tires off the ground.

An easier option is to flip the bike upside down. The weight will be on the handlebars and seat. Place a drop cloth or cardboard underneath. For extra protection use a bike cover. Covers can protect multiple bikes if needed. A drop cloth or tarp can also serve as a cover.

After storing your bike for winter or any length of time, be sure to give it a quick tune-up before you hit the road.

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