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How to Store Books in a Storage Unit

We cherish literature and love to read exciting stories. From the classics to modern tales, books are so important to our collection of personal items. Every book collection is valuable in one way or another. When it comes to determining how to store books effectively, there are a few tips every novel lover should follow.

People store their book collections for a variety of reasons:

  • They are moving to a new home.
  • They are completing home renovations.
  • They lack storage space at home.

Fairfax City Self Storage can help you keep your books protected, especially rare books, valuable books, and those with sentimental value. We’ve compiled some tips on how to store your books long-term and for shorter periods of time.

1. Select a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Books are quite delicate and will almost always be affected by the environment they are stored in. Dampness can cause mold, mildew, and deterioration. Extensive dryness can lead to your book becoming brittle.

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we provide temperature controlled storage units for your books to protect their longevity. Our units are temperature-controlled and are kept between 60-75 degrees. Each unit is also monitored throughout the year so no matter the weather outside, your books stay safe from the elements.

2. Dust off and clean your books

There are many good books we want to keep but don’t read all the time. When books sit, they accumulate dust. Before placing your books into storage, it’s best to clean off your book covers, removing dust and debris. This should be done with a dry cloth or dust ruffle that won’t introduce moisture to the cover or any of the pages.

3. Don’t remove the jacket

One of the best tips for how to store books long-term starts with remembering the dust jacket. Dust and dirt particles can discolor and damage books that sit for long periods of time. By using a dust jacket, your book and its cover have an extra level of protection.

4. Let your books breathe

Musty, damp, and mildew-prone books should never be placed into storage. Instead, provide your books with fresh air before storing them away. It’s best to do this with every book before placing it into storage to preserve as much freshness as possible.

5. Wrap your books

Once your books have had some air, loosely wrap them in packing paper if you plan to place them into a storage container or box. Keep in mind that the best choice for long-term storage is a bookcase.

6. Store your books in a bookcase or storage container

Fairfax City Self Storage has storage units available that will easily fit bookcases. Shelving units such as bookcases provide protection from other items in your storage unit, they keep your books organized, and they allow you to place your books vertically, to avoid damage. Place your bookcase against an interior wall, a couple of feet from the wall to allow for air circulation. If you do not have a bookcase, a plastic storage container can help protect your books from dust, pests, and other nuisances.

7. How to Store Old Books

Rare books and antique manuscripts should be specially stored. Here are a few tips for handling, cleaning, and shelving these books properly:

  • Take great care in handling delicate, aged books.
  • Keep books of the same size together and never stack them on top of each other.
  • Avoid excessive light exposure and keep in a tempered climate.
  • Dust regularly.
  • Use artifact boxes for protection.

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