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How to Store Camping Gear in a Storage Unit

The fresh air of the wild and the beauty of nature can be relaxing for so many of us. Camping is a great way to unwind and disconnect. But what do you do with all of your camping gear when you aren’t out in the wilderness? You may require professional storage for your camping items to keep them safe and secure until your next adventure.

There are many reasons for storing camping gear, including:

  • Moving to a new home.
  • A lack of storage space at home.
  • Seasonal storage (needing gear storage for the winter months or offseason).

Fairfax City Self Storage has the storage solutions you need to keep your camping gear in good shape. We’ve put together some of the best tips on how to store camping equipment using proper storage supplies and placing your outdoor gear in a suitable indoor storage environment.

Consider Temperature Controlled Storage

Camping equipment can be expensive! Tents, tarps, blankets, sleeping bags, GPS equipment, cooking utensils, and other items will benefit from the protection of a temperature controlled storage unit. This stable environment is cool and dry, with humidity control and temperature control that keeps conditions between 60-75 degrees.

Storing camping gear in temperature controlled storage also protects your equipment away from sudden exterior changes caused by heat exposure from the sun which could make cloth items brittle and cause damage to electronics.

Clean, Dry, and Air Out Your Outdoor Gear

Anytime camping gear is used outside, moisture and dirt will be attracted and need to be removed before storing your equipment. Most items can be cleaned using soap and water, but it’s best to consult manufacturer guidelines when cleaning any piece of equipment. Electronics that can’t be washed should be wiped down, using a clean cloth that won’t scratch or nick your items.

Before storing your camping gear, make sure your equipment is dry to avoid mold or bacteria growth. It’s also recommended to revisit your equipment every so often, remove it from any casing, and air it out to prevent a musty smell from forming.

Categorize Your Camping Items

Everyone has a different method for storing their camping gear effectively. Generally, it’s best to create a system to categorize your items so they are easy to find and you maximize your storage space. Consider using plastic storage bins that are clearly labeled for easy access. You can also catalog smaller items by placing similar pieces in bags or boxes. You can even use hiking backpacks and have them ready to go when you visit your storage unit.

Add Storage Structure

The addition of shelving to store your itemized bins can help you save space by safely stacking camping gear. Other storage structures like pegboards with hooks are great for small and mid-sized pieces of equipment such as tools, gloves, hats, small bags, and other pieces.

For large items, it’s best to store them in a way that won’t cause damage or injury. For example, large coolers should be placed on the bottom of a storage structure to avoid falling. Tent bags are also often fragile with fiberglass arms and tarp that can rip. It’s usually best to place your tent away from items that could potentially cause a puncture.

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Storage solutions for your camping equipment are available at Fairfax City Self Storage. Conveniently located just off the beltway, our state-of-the-art facility provides 24/7/365 secure access to your outdoor gear and many other items that you can keep in temperature controlled storage. For more information or to secure your unit, contact us today, or call (703) 978-1200.

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