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How to Store Cashmere Sweaters in a Storage Unit

As the hotter weather approaches (and the moth season begins), we start bringing out our lighter clothing and storing away our winter weights for the off-season. The noble cashmere, however, is very sensitive to incorrect care. You need to protect your cashmere clothing from moths, mold, wear and tear, and unexpected disasters in the meantime to maintain the life cycle of your beloved piece for as long as possible.

Wondering how to store cashmere sweaters for the summer, when the season is over? Learn how to store cashmere sweaters in a storage unit the right way, for peace of mind and hopefully a lifetime with your favorite piece.

Cashmere Sweater Storage 101: How to Properly Store a Cashmere Sweater

Part of proper care is also proper storage, once your precious cashmere sweater has done its job for the season or when moving home. You need to store your cashmere in a place that is dry and cool, as heat, mold, and humidity can damage your cherished cashmere sweaters. The perfect storage solution? A temperature-controlled storage unit.

To prevent moths or mold from ruining your cashmere clothing, here are some useful tips on how to store cashmere sweaters in a storage unit safely and ensure they look just as beautiful as the day you got them for seasons to come.

Tips for Storing Cashmere Clothing In a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit

If the summer weather is too hot for your luxury investment, learn how to store cashmere sweaters properly during summer to keep them in excellent condition until fall arrives and you reach for your dearest pieces once again.

Protect from Moths

Moths love laying their eggs in cashmere, as the larvae enjoy feasting on nature’s finest natural fibers. Moths are attracted to residual dirt and body oils, so make sure your cashmere sweater is properly cleaned before storing it away in a storage unit. To further keep bugs at bay, use lavender or cedarwood, as they are effective natural moth deterrents, so your favorite piece can shine in all its glory next season.

Store Your Cashmere Clothing Loosely Folded

Ideally, you should store your cashmere sweaters lying down, so the fibers keep their shape and the textile doesn’t deform. When storing cashmere clothing, be sure to avoid pressure to maintain the luscious softness of its fine fibers. Handle cashmere sweaters carefully when stowing, as stuffing and squeezing can cause the delicate fibers to break, and pack them as loose as possible so that they can breathe.

Seal Your Cashmere Sweater In

When storing cashmere sweaters for longer periods, always use cotton or linen bags with proper closures such as zips, since they allow air to flow through naturally. Plastic bags can cause cashmere garments to sweat and smell.

The Art of Prevention: Store Your Cashmere Sweaters Safely In a Self-Storage Unit

The fastest way to destroy expensive cashmere clothing? Storing it negligently, in an area exposed to humidity, mold, and moth-friendly temperatures. Storing your delicate cashmere sweaters in a temperature-controlled storage unit during their seasonal nap will keep them nicely tucked away and safe from any threatening environmental conditions.

Fairfax City Self Storage is the most convenient and cost-effective cashmere sweater storage solution. From ultimate accessibility and security to humidity, pest, and temperature control, our wide range of climate-controlled self-storage units will make sure your precious cashmere sweaters remain luscious, soft, and colorful for years.

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