Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

How To Store Christmas Decorations in a Storage Unit

The holidays are a wonderful time when you have the opportunity to be with friends and family and enjoy the festive season. A big part of the holidays is decorating your home and making sure that it reflects the joy of Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah. The hardest part of the holiday season is having to put back all of our decorations at the end of the season, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

We’ve developed a list of how to properly store your Christmas decorations and make sure that you have the least stressful holiday season possible. We want to give you these tips and tricks, so you don’t have to spend as much time packing up all of your holiday decorations.

Storing Holiday Decorations

When you’re storing your holiday decorations, the first thing that you want to do is make sure that all of your decorations are clean and ready to be stored at the end of the season. Whether you have kids running around, a Christmas party with friends or accidents in general, things, like tablecloths and other linens can get dirty. Before you put these pieces back in storage, it’s important to make sure that they’re clean and ready to go for next year.

Well, it may be frustrating to think about having to buy new storage boxes for your holiday decor, flimsy boxes, or storage bins can crack or rip. This will cause further frustration on your end because you’ll have to deal with not only a broken container but also possible damage to your decorations. It’s important to choose sturdy plastic storage containers, that you know will not crack and cause further issues for you down the line.

One of the biggest hassles of packing away all of your holiday decorations is putting away your holiday lights. It can be very easy to just put all of your lights in a ball and deal with it next year. However, taking the time now to make sure that your light strands are untangled and organized in your storage containers can save you a lot of time next year. It can save you a lot of time when you are decorating again for the holidays next year. There are many different ways to keep your holiday lights, tangle-free, by using a cardboard box, and more.

Since these are seasonal decorations, marking your boxes with detailed descriptions will allow you to remember how you stored everything the year before which will streamline your unpacking process. This will make your holiday storage process that much easier and you will have a clear idea of what you have in each box without having to open up everything.

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