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How to Store Coins in a Storage Unit

All things are affected by the passage of time, and coins are no exception. However, if you know what the enemy is, you can create a defense plan to protect your precious collection and preserve all that beauty and history. Properly stored coins will be worth more and provide joy for years to come.

Whether your concern is safety, appearance, or expense, there are bullet-proof storage options out there for every numismatist.

Learn how to store coins safely, for an evergreen collection.

Taking Care of Your Precious Metals

Maybe it started with a coin your grandfather gave you. Then, it slowly grew into more shiny coins, each with its unique history, sentimental value, and potentially, real investment value. You realized it’s time to learn more about how to store coins to preserve the treasure you’ve got.

Caring for Your Coin Collection

Coins need protection even after they become part of your collection. The insidious effects of exposure to the atmosphere and other hazards can alter a coin’s appearance over time, turning prized pieces into shadows of their former selves. Fortunately, you can preserve the beauty, value, and history of your collection with some careful thought and a modest expenditure on high-quality storage.

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How to Store a Coin Collection

Though you cannot stop the hands of time, wise storage choices can keep your coins safe and attractive into the future. Although metal is usually a durable substance, it’s chemically reactive and there is a variety of factors that can negatively impact the condition of your coins and result in scratches, nicks, gouges, and other types of harm to your precious coin collection.

Proper coin storage will help protect your coins from damage and preserve their aesthetic appeal and monetary value. How to store coins without any risk and with safety in mind? Here’s the proper way to handle coins to keep them free of potential damage:

How to Store Silver Coins

Precious metals have become a popular investment because they are tangible and secure. However, even silver needs to be protected. Moisture and extreme temperatures can damage your silver coins.

If you’re wondering how to store silver coins, water-proof plastic is typically the best way to keep silver coins stored airtight, but keeping them in a controlled environment like a temperature-controlled storage unit is the way to go.

How to Store Gold Coins Properly

Owning gold is one thing. Storing it? Quite another. To prevent unnecessary damage, make sure to store your gold coin collection in a dry area away from sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

At-home gold storage isn’t a practical solution for everyone. Many individuals simply don’t have the physical space to store their gold coin collection, or perhaps they don’t feel safe keeping it onsite. That’s why a storage unit might be the solution you were looking for.

Best Coin Collection Storage Solutions: Storing Valuable Coins Safely

How you store your precious metals will determine many things, particularly your peace of mind. Some say in zip lock bags, some opt for albums or folders, whilst others are looking for a storage solution that has the power to preserve their valuable collection. But what really is the best way to keep coins from degrading or picking up marks?

Here’s how to store coins in a storage unit as safely and efficiently as possible.

Handle with Care

Keep your coins sealed in storage, encased carefully, and remember that the higher the metal purity, the greater the need for proper handling. So, avoid any unnecessary coin handling due to the risk of damage, no matter how tempting it might be.

In case you really need to hold your coins, make sure that you wear soft, clean lint-free cotton gloves because fingerprints, which may contain your skin’s natural oils or hand moisturizers, can be corrosive to your precious metal. Never use latex or plastic gloves or plastic tweezers which may scratch or damage your coins.

Coin Holders

Even if you are careful with loose coins, touching them only at the edges, they still are vulnerable. Luckily, holders allow coins to be viewed clearly and stored safely. Without a holder, a coin’s surfaces can be harmed by wear, fingerprints, or contact with other coins. Holders are effective and convenient shields against these potential dangers. Coin holders also can inhibit the damaging effects of air and moisture, which discolor coins over time.

Even if you keep your coin collection in a storage unit, it should still be safely kept in coin holders.

Use a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Unfortunately, no solution will provide 100% total protection for your coin collection. However, you can choose the right environment to protect your coins against the possible damage that awaits them while they are in storage.

As the old real estate adage goes “location is everything”. Where you store your precious metal coin collection, be it gold or silver, is just as important as how you store it. Your basic rule of thumb should be, “if the environment is comfortable enough for a person, it will probably be satisfactory for your coins.” One of the safest places to store your coin collection? A temperature-controlled storage unit.

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