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How to Store Comic Books in a Storage Unit

Comics are delightful, subversive, liberating. We all remember the first time we read our first comic book. The second we flipped the page for many of us, we were hooked. What started as fun entertainment quickly grew into a hobby. Now, as a full-fledged pannapictagrraphists (fancy word for collectors of comics), you may find the need to store your comic book collection. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller space, and your prized collection will need to be stored. Whatever the reason, keep your collection safe and secure in a storage unit. Find tips on how to store your comic books in a storage unit safely for years of enjoyment (and profit).

Prepping Your Comic Book Collection for Storage

If you don’t have your collection of comics in some type of storage box, you’ll need to pick a favored storage solution. It’s best to store comics upright, not stacked on top of one another. Here’s a list of popular storage options, both inexpensive and pricey, to suit any budget.

  • Cardboard, plastic, or vinyl storage cases
  • Comic book boxes
  • Banker boxes
  • Binders
  • Hardcover bound books
  • Repurposed furniture (such as a trunk or storage benches)
  • Storage furniture – file cabinets, custom made storage furniture

Long term storage of comic books in spinner racks isn’t recommended because it will expose your collection to dust, air, and other elements. A spinner rack is fine if displayed in your home but not recommended for long term comic book storage.

Comic Book Bags

The use of book bags is entirely up to the collector. A comic book bag is another layer of protection against the elements. They can keep air, dirt, and dust off your books and help prevent moisture from destroying a book. Most collectors use one of these bags:

  • Poly Bags – Standard poly bags can last between 3-8 years. Thicker poly bags will last longer. Most standard bags will start to weaken at the seams; replace it with a new bag if you see this happening.
  • Mylar Bags – Mylar bags are recommended for longer term comic book storage. There are claims that these bags will last up to 100 years. Mylar bags are stronger than poly and are resistant to mold, mildew, insects, acids, oils, and other concerns.

Once you have picked your bag option, you can insert an acid-free board into the bag. Boards will keep the comic flat and stiff. Now it’s time to move your comic book collection into a climate controlled unit.

Temperature Controlled Storage Units for Comic Book Storage

Light, air, and moisture are no friends to a comic book collection. Think of your comic book collection as art. You wouldn’t store fine art haphazardly and at the mercy of the elements. In no time, the collection could be ruined. A temperature controlled storage unit will protect your collection from heat fluctuations, dampness, and humidity. Here are tips for the best placement of your collection.

  • Off the floor – If possible, keep your collection off of the floor. Place a tarp or pallet under the collection.
  • Keep it dry – Use a temperature controlled unit and keep your collection dry. Storing in a basement, garage or attic could place the collection at risk of flooding or weather-related calamities.
  • Easy access – During long term comic book storage, you’ll need to access your comics. Occasionally check on them to make sure all is safe. Or maybe you want to sell one and need fast access. Place comic book storage containers in a way to allow for easy access.
  • Short stacks – If you’re stacking boxes of comics, only stack 3-4 high to avoid crushed boxes.
  • Label contents – Be sure to label boxes with all the details.

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