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How to Store Electronics in a Storage Unit

Electronic equipment is regularly used in our day-to-day activities. We communicate with each other on phones, complete research on laptops and computers, and enjoy an adventure with our favorite video game system.

Sometimes, our electronics may need to be put away to make room for other items or as we transition to a new space. Determining how to store electronic devices is the first step toward keeping your items safe. The secure choice is to keep your electronic equipment properly stored at a professional storage facility provided by Fairfax City Self Storage.

How to Store Electronics, Long-Term

There are plenty of reasons why you may need to seek out a storage solution for your electronics. Often, new electronic releases may mean we need to place older items into a safe location. Additionally, life events require us to store electronics for a wide variety of scenarios, including:

  • Moving
  • Going off to college
  • Completing home renovations
  • Saving items for a friend, neighbor, or donation

How to Store Electronics in a Storage Unit

If you’re wondering how to store electronics in a storage unit for the long haul, consider following a few important steps to properly store your items:

  • Step #1: Review the owner’s manual – Most electronics have specific directions for storage or in addition to how to use the item correctly. Disconnect all components like wires and cables and wrap them carefully if they don’t need to be connected when in storage.
  • Step #2: Choose proper storage supplies – Electronic devices are highly sensitive and can easily break if handled incorrectly. Using the original boxes and packaging is often the best choice for electronics, if those materials are still in good condition. For replacement packaging, select protective materials that can provide support like bubble wrap, padding, foam to protect screens, cardboard separators, and other quality items.
  • Step #3: Keep it organized – It’s always a pain when you have to untangle wires or find a missing power supply. Organization makes it easy to keep track of components, but it can also help preserve longevity by removing the threat of frayed wires, cracked screens, and broken pieces often caused when an unorganized mess occurs.

Using Temperature Controlled Storage Units

One of the worse detriments to electronic devices is moisture. Water, condensation, extreme humidity and temperatures can all severely impact the functionality of electronic equipment.

That’s why the best long-term storage option for electronics is temperature controlled storage. There are many benefits of choosing this type of storage solution, including:

  • Humidity control
  • 24/7/365 monitored temperature
  • Risk reduction of mold, mildew
  • Temperature control with maximum security

No matter the outdoor conditions or time of year, a temperature controlled storage unit can keep your electronics in the best shape of any storage solution.

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