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How to Store Exercise Equipment in a Storage Unit

Exercise is more than just a workout – it’s a lifestyle characteristic. We enjoy a little cardio or weightlifting to get the blood flowing and to feel good.

The gym is only one place to exercise. Often, we workout at home in a designated workout room, the garage, or even in the backyard. If you have updated your barbell set or need to make room for a new treadmill or elliptical, exercise equipment storage may be necessary. Luckily, there are safe and secure storage options available for your gym equipment. Select a storage unit that meets your needs at Fairfax City Self Storage.

Benefits of Gym Equipment Storage

While fitness equipment is useful and is designed to push us during workouts, it can become a nuisance if it is cluttering a space or gets in the way of a room redesign. People often select gym equipment storage, due to:

  • Completing home renovations
  • Moving
  • Lack of storage space at home
  • Replacing certain pieces of equipment

Equipment storage can be temporary or long-term. If you want to keep your workout equipment in top shape, it can help to complete a storage plan, no matter the length of your storage needs.

How to Store Exercise Equipment: 5 Steps

Every person’s storage plan may be different. One commonplace is that exercise equipment must be properly stored to protect it for extended use.

It only takes five steps to ensure your workout equipment remains in the same condition as when it went into storage:

  • Step #1: Clean and service – Gym equipment is usually heavy-duty, but it is susceptible to dirt, sweat, and grime that can wear down parts and components. Before placing your items into storage, thoroughly clean commonly touched surfaces with soap and water and a disinfectant. You may even want to use a vacuum for heavy buildup. Then, use a clean cloth to dry. Keep all components like safety keys, locks, and other items with the machine. Additionally, it’s best to have your equipment serviced with grease or lubrication when necessary. This includes wheels, pulleys, brakes. Digital service may also be required for any electronic elements that are not working properly.
  • Step #2: Disassemble and store any breakable parts – Not all components are meant to be left erected when your item is being stored. The instructional booklet that came with the machine will often recommend which parts to disassemble and store separately. This can also protect your equipment from any accidental damage.
  • Step #3: Prepare equipment to be moved Much of the disassembly process should help you safely move your equipment, however, it’s important to check for any loose parts or those that could pose a risk for injury or damage. Remove any unsafe parts, prior to transport.
  • Step #4: Use professional moving and storage supplies Many pieces of equipment come with long-term storage packaging. For those that don’t, or only had temporary packaging provided at purchase, there are covers and cases that can be used to help prevent dust build up and damage. Professional moving supplies are always a plus when its time to place your rowing machine or stationary bike into a storage unit. Select plenty of padding, moving blankets, and have a dolly on hand to prevent lifting injuries.
  • Step #5: Choose the right kind of storage unit – Everyone should have access to a storage facility that is safe with around-the-clock video monitoring, solid construction, and secure access. If you have specialty equipment that could be damaged by extreme temperature or humidity changes, you may consider a temperature controlled storage unit for year-round temperature control.

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Exercise equipment storage offers you a place to keep your machines, yoga mats, or free-weights, but it also lets you return to your items as often as you want.

Looking to incorporate an old workout into a new routine? Maybe you want to use parts from a classic machine to improve a machine at home. Gym equipment storage at Fairfax City Self Storage gives you the option to access your equipment when you want it.

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