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How to Store Flags in a Storage Unit

The American flag is an essential symbol of United States culture, proudly displayed on national holidays such as Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day. For many, they serve as keepsakes and heirlooms, or as remembrances for loved ones. Due to their importance, it is crucial to store flags safely and respectfully to preserve them over time. Proper flag storage will ensure your symbol of freedom can be proudly displayed for years to come.

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we understand the importance of proper flag storage, and we work hard to provide a safe and secure environment for your flags and other belongings. Let’s review some tips for how to store flags that will keep them in excellent condition.

How to Store a Flag when Not In Use

If you have a flag you wish to store, you may be worried about how to follow all the proper procedures and rules for keeping your flag safe and ensuring it is treated with respect. Thankfully, learning how to store a US flag safely and respectfully is easy. Following the following simple steps will ensure your flag is stored properly:

  • Never let your flag touch the ground. Keeping your flag elevated on a shelf is the best way to ensure this rule is followed.
  • For short-term storage, fold your flag in a triangle. There is a simple folding method detailed in the section below that will keep your flag looking beautiful between uses.
  • For long-term storage, roll the flag and keep it in an acid-free storage tube.
  • Protect your flag from the elements. Ensure your flag is wrapped in an acid-free material, such as acid-free tissue paper or unbleached cotton.

How to Fold an American Flag

When American flags are stored between displays, they are folded in a triangle shape with the blue field and white stars showing. This time-honored process is followed out of respect for the flag, as a nod to the tricorn hats that colonial soldiers wore in the Revolutionary War. To properly and respectfully fold your flag, follow the instructions below or seek out a video tutorial online.

First, fold the flag lengthwise, covering the stars with the stripes. Fold again lengthwise, so that the stars are visible on both sides of the fold. Then, starting from the stripe side of the flag, fold the short side to meet the long side so that a triangle forms. Continue folding the triangle over itself at 45-degree angles toward the other end of the flag until you have one fold remaining. Finally, tightly tuck the remaining fabric inside your last fold to secure it.

Use a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

One of the greatest threats to the integrity of American flags is environmental conditions. Light exposure, humidity, and temperature fluctuations can all have a detrimental impact on your flag. Some of these factors can be mitigated through proper protective measures, such as wrapping your flag in an acid-free material before storing it. If you’re seeking a surefire way to protect your flag against the elements, your best option is to use a temperature controlled storage unit.

A temperature controlled storage unit has heating and cooling systems installed to ensure your flag is always stored at the proper temperature, reducing the potential for damage. Temperature control reduces the chances of mold, mildew, and other damaging environmental factors. If you want the best possible solution for your American flag storage needs, Fairfax City Self Storage offers temperature controlled storage units with exceptional security at reasonable prices. Learn more about our storage units.

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