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How to Store Golf Clubs in a Storage Unit

Playing golf with family and friends is a great way to spend an afternoon. If you enjoy the game, it’s likely that you have invested a fair amount of time and money into your golf clubs, and you will want to properly store them to protect that investment.

A professional storage solution from Fairfax City Self Storage can be used for short- and long-term storage of your golf clubs.  

Why Store Your Golf Clubs?

There are a wide variety of reasons why people keep their golf club sets in storage:

  • They have a lack of home storage space.
  • It is the offseason.
  • They are completing home renovations.

Many people wonder how to store golf clubs in the winter when courses are closed. Your golf equipment will need to be stored in a clean, warm location, away from road salt, snow, and debris that is often tracked into a garage or home storage space where clubs tend to be kept.

Other common questions golfers have are “how to store golf clubs with no bag?” “how to store golf clubs in a golf bag?” and “how to store extra golf clubs?” Players love to change equipment, adding the latest clubs, pushcarts, stands, and carry bags. There may be a time when your set is without a bag in storage, you have additional clubs that won’t fit in the bag, or you have a high-end bag that needs protection. In all of these situations, extra precautions should be taken.

Let’s take a look at how to store golf clubs and related equipment with ease.

How to Properly Store Golf Clubs

Step #1: Clean Your Clubs

With every round you play, your clubs will accumulate dirt and debris from striking the ball. Irons can become especially ineffective if grime is not removed from the grooves of the face, sole, and hosel.

The best way to clean golf clubs is by filling a bucket with warm, soapy water and dunking iron club heads, allowing them to soak for 5-10 minutes. Once you remove your club from the water, the dirt and debris will loosen, allowing for you to scrub the clubhead clean using a cloth or soft toothbrush. To clean the grips and shafts of your clubs, and for drivers, fairway woods, and putters, wipe your clubs clean with a damp cloth.

Step #2: Dry, Organize, and Protect Your Clubs

Following a wipe down of your golf clubs, allow them to air dry for a few minutes before preparing them for storage. You will want to organize your clubs so they are ready for you next round. Longer clubs like your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons (1-5) should be placed toward the back of your bag while shorter clubs (irons 6-9, pitching wedge, sand wedge, additional wedges, and putter) are placed in the front. All club heads with head covers should be covered once organized.

Step #3: Store with a rack/container

Selecting a golf storage rack can keep you organized, in addition to protecting your golf equipment. Racks usually have space for one or two full bags, in addition to cubbies or shelves for golf balls, towels, tees, ball markers, shoes, scorecards, and more.

There are also other storage options for your clubs, especially if you don’t have a bag. For example, hooks, large containers, bags, and boxes can be used to store spare clubs. Keep in mind that most golf bags are made with a divided organizer, as contact between metal clubs can cause damage. If you are storing your golf clubs without a bag, it’s best to use some sort of padding with your container.

Step #4: Store your golf clubs safely

Modern golf clubs are made of titanium, steel, carbon fiber, and other types of metals. When clubs are stored with pressure or are placed in a bag incorrectly, shafts and hosels can break, which are dangerous with exposure.

A few tips to remember:

  • Always store your golf clubs with the clubhead facing out of the bag.
  • Never place other items on top of your clubs.
  • Pull clubs from the bag carefully without bending or forcing.

Step #5: Use a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

When determining how to store golf clubs, choosing temperature controlled storage is the most important step to remember. Golfers often make the mistake of storing golf clubs in the trunks of their cars, especially during the summer months. While it may be convenient to have your clubs stowed in your vehicle, the heat and humidity can cause severe damage, drying out club grips, and loosening the glue and epoxy resin that holds the shafts and clubheads together.

Instead, select a climate controlled storage unit. This storage solution reduces humidity and the temperature is monitored year-round. Both hot and cold temperatures can dry out your club grips and if any moisture settles into the club, corrosion and rusting can begin. With climate controlled storage, you have peace of mind that your clubs are safe.

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