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How to Store Jet Skis in a Storage Unit

Jet skis are an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors, providing an outlet for fun in the water. However, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer when you buy one is how you plan to store it during the off-season and when it’s not on the water. Storing your jet ski in a storage unit ensures security, protection from the elements, flexibility, and various other benefits.

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we understand the importance of storing your personal belongings in a safe and secure environment. Let’s look at some tips for how to store your jet skis that will keep them in great condition for years to come.

How to Store Jet Skis For Winter

The main component of storing a jet ski in the off-season is known as “winterizing.” This process involves simple maintenance to ensure your jet ski remains in good condition when it’s kept in storage.

The first step of winterizing is securing the exterior of the jet ski. Remove all the gear in your jet ski; wash, wipe down, and dry the seat, handles, and hull to ensure they stay in peak condition; open the storage compartments slightly to keep them from cultivating moisture; and add finishing wax to the hull to protect it from moisture.

Next, make sure you drain all water from the engine by positioning the backside, or stern, of the jetski lower than the bow and starting the motor for 20-30 second bursts. Crank the throttle a few times while the motor is running to force the water out of the engine.

After your engine is drained of water, fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas from going stale. It’s also important to get an oil change, preparing your jet ski perfectly for the start of the next season. An optional step at this stage is to add antifreeze to the exhaust system to further protect it from harsh conditions.

Finally, remove the jet ski’s battery and place it on a towel or mat within your storage space. Removing the battery ensures that it doesn’t lose charge while in storage, and gives your jet ski a better chance of thriving when you take it out on the water again. If you’re feeling especially cautious, you can also use a cover for your jet ski to provide additional protection while the vehicle is in storage.

Preparing your jet ski for storage properly is essential to keeping your jet ski in excellent condition for seasons to come. By following these simple steps, you can make the most of your watercraft.

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