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How to Store Jewelry in a Storage Unit

Jewelry items are some of our most prized possessions. We may have inherited pieces from family descendants or purchased a beautiful ring, watch, or set of diamond earrings from a famous jeweler. Fine jewelry is sentimentally and financially valuable, and often, we need a trusted place to store items so they aren’t damaged, lost, or stolen.

There are many reasons people require jewelry storage, including:

  • Moving to a new home where proper storage solutions won’t immediately be available.
  • Downsizing, requiring a location to store jewelry away from your residence.
  • Completing home renovations where the threat of damage exists.

Placing your jewelry into a unit at a secure storage facility is the perfect solution for keeping your possessions safe. Fairfax City Self Storage has a wide variety of professional storage items available and we have compiled a list detailing how to store jewelry in five easy steps.

Step #1: Categorize and separate your jewelry

It is frustrating to open up a jewelry box only to find a tangled mess of necklaces intertwined with hairpins or rings. Organize your jewelry items by category. For example, if you have several sets of earrings as well as costume jewelry earrings, place each into a separate divider and store by type. You will be able to more easily find certain jewelry items, but it will also protect pieces that are made of sensitive metals like gold.

Step #2: Clean, dry, and polish or brush your jewelry

Keeping your jewelry clean is another way to preserve longevity. There are different directions for cleaning, depending on the type(s) of jewelry you own:

  • For silver: Clear any dirt or debris with a soft cloth and apply a silver polish with a clean wipe or cloth to shine. Rub gently as to not scratch or blemish the integrity of the metal.
  • For gold: Use a delicate simple soap and warm water solution. Gold jewelry should lightly soak, be removed, and placed onto a soft cloth. You can gently brush away any debris with a soft bristle toothbrush before applying a rinse of water and drying with a clean cloth.
  • For pearls: Clean with a small amount of warm water applied to a brush and remove excess moisture with a cloth. Pearls should never be soaked, as this can cause damage to the string.

Many other types of jewelry may require specialty cleaning and you should consult a jeweler before proceeding.

Step #3: Choose proper packaging

Determining how to store your jewelry will largely depend on the storage supplies you choose. For example, you wouldn’t want to keep items in a cheap travel jewelry organizer made of plastic for an extended period of time. Instead, felt lined jewelry boxes offer protection from moisture, and exposure to air and light. Dry and soft cloths can also be used to wrap certain jewelry pieces. However, stacking boxes on top of each other may lead to damage if they topple over or have too much pressure applied from one box to another. Utilizing storage racks or compartmentalized jewelry organizers are among the more creative storage ideas to avoid these issues.

Step #4: Wear your jewelry

Jewelry is meant to be worn. Removing it from the box and stunning in a pair of earrings or with a beautiful necklace looks great, but is also good for preservation. Remove your jewelry from storage at least once or twice per year. Even if you don’t wear your items, it’s best to perform a cleaning and wrap in new material. Removing your jewelry from packaging also lets your pieces “breathe”, especially antique jewelry that may begin to become stale without occasional exposure.

Step #5: Select a clean, secure storage space

The value of jewelry is of extreme importance to many who wish to preserve the condition and protect the integrity of items. Choosing a storage unit that offers cleanliness and 24/7/365 secure access should be a priority. Consider storing your jewelry in a safe within the storage unit. To prevent discoloration and deterioration, you may also choose a temperature controlled self storage unit. Fairfax City Self Storage provides temperature controlled units, keeping temperatures between 60-75 degrees throughout the year with minimal humidity. No matter the outdoor elements, you receive ultimate annual protection with your jewelry storage.

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