Storing Paper Documents

How to Store Paper Documents Long Term

Documents, whether important or sentimental, can take up a lot of storage space in one’s home or office. Often, they are not even looked at for years but are felt to be a necessity to keep. These documents of papers and files need to be looked after to ensure they stay legible and don’t become damaged through aging or poor conditions. Knowing how to store important documents at home and in storage, such as at Fairfax City Self Storage, will help them to last much longer without coming to any harm.

How to Store Documents

Your first consideration should be using a self-storage unit such as Fairfax City Self Storage. These units are available in sizes 4×4 up to 10×35 and will provide plenty of space for your important documents. Fairfax City Self Storage also offers temperature-controlled units which you can use for storing your papers in the perfect conditions they need to remain intact.

How to Store Archival Documents

Learning how to store archival documents properly can be the difference between finding your documents perfectly preserved and how you left them or not being able to decipher what they say. When storing your paper documents long term, ensure you put your papers in plastic sleeves to protect them from moisture or getting torn before then putting them in cardboard or plastic boxes. Top up the boxes with filler material, not newspaper, though, as the ink could transfer onto your documents. Test that the box isn’t too heavy before trying to lift it.

How to Store Documents in Self Storage

Once you have got your documents to your Fairfax City Self Storage unit, make sure that you store the oldest documents, or the ones you will need access to the least, at the back of your storage unit. This makes it easier to access the ones you will need more often or other items that you are storing in the same unit. For more tips on using a storage unit, check out our blog, How To Organize A Storage Unit. When storing your important documents, do so that they are lifted off the ground on shelving units, plastic sheeting, bricks, or pallets so that no moisture can get through to your papers.

Contact Fairfax City Self Storage for Storing Papers Long Term

Using a self storage unit to store your documents is a surefire way to keep them preserved and in pristine condition. It also gives you more space in your office or home and keeps them free from clutter. Choosing a Fairfax City Self Storage unit will give you peace of mind that your important documents are secure. With 24-hour security and cameras in operation throughout the facility, the security of your possessions is of the highest importance to us. Contact us today to receive more information or to book a storage unit that will keep your important documents safe.

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