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How to Store Photos in a Storage Unit

The impromptu family party that everyone speaks about even a decade later.

Building sandcastles with childhood friends.

Grandma and grandpa on their wedding day.

All of these moments are captured through cherished photographs you’ve accumulated through the years and you’ll want to make sure they receive a safe home.

Perhaps you’re moving to a place with limited space or you’re decluttering your home, garage, or basement and need a reliable storage solution for your family memories or valuable photo collection.

If you’re unsure how to store photos, or specifically how to store printed photos both for short and long term, this article is for you.

Follow along for some effective tips on how to how to store photos in a storage unit.

  1. Choose a temperature-controlled storage unit to shield your beloved items from being damaged by humidity, temperature, and light. The storage environment can be an ally or a threat to photos, which is why they can become faded and brittle when deposited in dark and damp spaces such as basements, attics, and garages. At Fairfax City Self Storage, we offer temperature-controlled storage units with a year-round temperature of 60-75 degrees to ensure your possessions remain intact. With our staff regularly supervising unit conditions, you can gain peace of mind that your photos are in good hands.
  2. Have a backup in the form of digital copies. While storage units are incredibly safe, a lot of things could go wrong in the transition. Spend some time snapping photos with your phone or use a high-quality photo scanner, in case something happens to the originals. Make sure to save digital photocopies in a secure location such as in the cloud or a memory card.
  3. Be smart with packing. Stacking works great if you need to store a significant amount of loose photos. Alternate photos with acid-free paper to stack them into a picture box. Avoid storing your best images in “peel-and-stick” photo albums, since the chemical adhesives they contain tend to deteriorate photos. A better option would be an acid-free “archival” photo album. For individual photos, use envelopes and file folders and gather them all in a large accordion folder. Framed photos can be stashed away as they are.
  4. Avoid writing on your photos. It’s tempting to mark the date of a particular event or scribble a meaningful message on the back of your photos, but doing so will shorten their shelf life. The culprit is the acid in the ink that most regular ballpoint and felt tip pens have. Opt for a soft lead pencil that won’t affect the integrity of your photos.

Optimized Storage Units

Fairfax City Self Storage provides a multitude of units from 4x4x4 (locker-size) to 10×15 (the size of a two-to-three-bedroom apartment). All units are available either drive-up, ground level, or second floor.

If you wish to store other less-sensitive items, we also offer non-temperature controlled units.

Convenience is at the center of our customer experience, and we make sure to deliver on our promise through a handful of key features:

  • 24-hour security and 24/7 keypad gate access via a central entry and exit point.
  • Auto LED lighting in every building and loading area.
  • A free moving truck for every unit.
  • Elevators in every building come in hand for heavy items.
  • Complementary hand-carts, along with moving and packing supplies.

Contact Us Today

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we pride ourselves on ensuring optimal storage conditions for all your belongings in strategically placed location. Customers have safely stored furniture, art, shoes, pianos, motorcycles, and even cars.

Unsure which storage unit is best for you? Contact us today or give us a call at (703) 978-1200 and our friendly experts will help you make an educated decision.

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