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How to Store Posters in a Storage Unit

Over time, we can collect many items in a home, including decorative pieces or memorabilia. Posters are a common piece of artwork that showcase a love of concerts, movies, shows, and other forms of art. Whether you are about to move, undergo a home renovation, increase space, store a large collection, or protect your fragile posters, it’s important to keep your posters protected. In this blog, we break down some preventative steps you can take to preserve your posters and keep them in the best condition!

Prepare to Handle Your Posters

Before you begin the process of storing your posters, it’s important to know the proper way to handle them so you can minimize any damage as you store your art. First, thoroughly wash and dry your hands with just warm water, as there are some chemicals in soap that can harm the poster material. Alternatively, you can use clean white cotton, nylon, or unpowdered latex or vinyl gloves. You can also ensure their safety by gently using both hands when handling your posters and avoiding lifting them by a single corner.

Use Sticky Labels to Organize Your Posters

If you’re in the middle of a home or home renovation, it’s especially helpful to keep your posters organized and easily accessible. You can purchase tubes to hold your posters and then create labels for each one. This can also make the moving or renovation process easier and give you peace of mind knowing that you can easily find everything and that they are protected from potential damage.

Wrap Your Posters Inside Acid-Free Plastic to Add a Layer of Protection

Along with tubes, you can wrap your posters inside acid-free plastic to preserve them. Start by organizing them from largest to smallest. You can lay out the largest poster first, then the next biggest, with the smallest poster being the last one. Next, roll the posters inside the plastic, then tape the plastic and gingerly wrap up the ends. Finally, slide the rolled-up posters into the protective tube.

Choose a Dry Space for Storage

A safe, dry space can help keep your posters protected from moisture, heat or light, objects hitting them, and potential pests in the home. Depending on the number of posters that you own, you may need to store multiple sets of rolls in this dry space.

Use a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

One of the best ways you can ensure the safety of your posters is by storing them in a temperature-controlled storage unit. By doing this, you can reduce the chance of damage from humidity, heat, and light.

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