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How to Store Puzzles in a Storage Unit

Some of our favorite brain games are puzzles. From jigsaw puzzles where we are tasked with creating mountainous landscapes and famous paintings to those that test our logic or trivia knowledge, the variety of puzzles is seemingly endless.

When it comes to puzzle storage, staying organized is a must, as it’s common for puzzle lovers to have large collections. Some of the other reasons people seek out storage solutions for their puzzles include:

  • A desire to store completed or assembled puzzles.
  • Freeing up space at home.
  • Avoiding damage to your puzzles when moving or renovating.

Fairfax City Self Storage has several great methods you can use when determining how to store puzzles of all kinds. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to keep your puzzles in great condition within a storage solution.

1. Use Temperature Controlled Storage

Puzzle pieces, especially those used in jigsaw puzzles, are often made of delicate materials like paperboard with prints on each piece. Harsh environmental changes such as high heat, extreme cold, and excessive moisture can damage puzzles and puzzle boxes, sometimes making them unusable.

Fairfax City Self Storage knows that puzzles are more than just games – they are often activities where lasting memories are made with family and friends. You can best preserve your items with puzzle storage in a temperature controlled storage unit. Throughout the year, we keep our units at 60-75 degrees, no matter what the weather is like outside. Additionally, humidity is monitored, keeping your puzzles cool but dry, so as to avoid mold and mildew that can form from humid conditions.

2 . Get Organized

Puzzles are only as good as the sum of their parts and it’s not uncommon (especially with kids’ puzzles) for pieces to go missing, become damaged, or simply wear out. Before placing puzzles into storage solutions within your unit, take the time to organize which puzzles you actually want to store and get rid of those that are no longer useful.

Of course, puzzles in any condition can have sentimental value. If your child or loved one particularly enjoyed a puzzle, it’s alright to save it for the memories! However, another option is to donate unneeded puzzles, especially to friends who may have children who would find the same enjoyment.

Next, organize the puzzles you intend to keep by type. For example, it’s best to keep children’s puzzles together so you can easily find them. Separate puzzles for adults or the entire family to quickly select a puzzle from the storage unit on game night!

3. Consider Storage Bags & Totes

Storage bags and totes are an amazing solution if you’re questioning how to store completed puzzles or those that are in progress but need to be stowed away.

While sealable plastic bags are a possible choice, zippered bags made with heavy fabric offer protection and don’t flop around when placed with multiple other bags and puzzles. When determining how to store finished puzzles together, you will want to find a plastic or heavy fabric tote for organization, instead of simply placing your bags on the ground.

4. Select Storage Organizers for Puzzle Pieces

Many people often ask how to store puzzle boxes without sacrificing so much space. The answer is to remove the box and opt for puzzle organizers that are the same size. Many of these organizers are boxes made of clear plastic with lids, and some offer organized sections so you can separate puzzle pieces by size, color, or whatever strategy makes it the easiest for you to organize puzzle creation!

Of course, puzzle boxes show what the final puzzle will look like. You can easily retain the cover of the box (which is usually made of cardboard) by cutting it off and retaining any directions within your storage bin.

5. Incorporate Stacking Methods

With puzzle pieces and completed or partially completed puzzles in storage bags, totes, and bins, the final step is to find a way to vertically store your items. This provides more space for other possessions. Consider storage carts with multiple trays or a rack with slots for your organizers. Many of your boxes and bins may already be designed to stack on top of each other. No matter which stacking method you choose, it’s best to find a spot in your unit that is off the floor and easily accessible once you unlock the unit. Additionally, you should avoid placing other items on top of your puzzles or within close distance of items falling on your puzzles.

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