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How to Store Rugs in a Storage Unit

Rugs really do tie a room together. Rugs anchor a room by adding or complementing a design element. It can add a bit of luxury to any space and we can spend a lot of time searching for the perfect color, design, or pattern.  Once we have that special rug we take great care in keeping it clean so it may be enjoyed for years to come.

Beautiful rugs can be hung on a wall or placed prominently in a room or hallway. However, there may come a time when you need to store a rug for the long term. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller place and the rug is too big. Or the new décor no longer goes with the rug but you want to keep it. Whatever the reason proper storage will keep your rug looking new. Read on for tips on how to store rugs and carpets safely and securely.

How to Store Rugs and Carpets

The goal of long-term rug storage is to preserve the texture, coloring, and integrity of the rug. When it comes time to pull from storage the rug will look as good as new. Follow these tips to maintain rugs and carpets.

Carpet and Rug Storage Steps

  • Vacuum and clean rug. Remove loose dirt and debris with a vacuum. Some rugs may need a wet cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s instructions or have it professionally cleaned. The rug must be completely dry before storage.
  • You’ll need to take steps to protect against pests. Place natural or chemical pest repellant on the carpet. Sprays are the most convenient. Spray the top and backside of the rug or carpet. Allow to dry.
  • Roll rug following the grain of the carpet fibers. Roll as tightly as possible and secure with tape or rope.
  • Once rolled, place in a rug storage bag. Rug storage bags are made with a breathable material to prevent condensation, moisture, dirt, and vermin. Wrapping the rug one final time with packing tape will keep the bag secure.
  • Keep the wrapped rug off the storage unit floor and away from any walls. If leaned against a wall the rolled rug can bend and crack which can lead to damage.
  • Place the rug on a pallet, a table, or across chairs or other stable flat surfaces.
  • Consider using a temperature controlled storage unit. For rugs of any size, a temperature controlled unit will protect from temperature fluctuations and humid conditions.

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Proper storage will maintain the value of your heirloom rugs and keep all rugs and carpets looking their best. Fairfax City Storage has 30 years of experience offering quality storage solutions for rugs of any size, shape, or type. Conveniently located in Fairfax, Virginia off the beltway, come tour our facility with 24-hour access, 365 days a year.

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