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How to Store Sports Equipment in a Storage Unit

It just doesn’t feel right to throw sports equipment away. Sure, you have too many baseballs, a bundle of hockey sticks collecting dust, and, of course, that untouched bike. But there’s no point in getting rid of them: they’re still useful, and who knows when they’ll bring happiness to you or your kids again. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you don’t have to get rid of sports equipment that holds great memories; instead consider sports equipment storage in a clean, secure storage unit.

Here are some instances when storing sports equipment might be a good idea:

  • It’s the offseason. You won’t need that soccer ball in the dead of winter.
  • You are moving and need extra storage space.
  • You’re out of storage space at home.

If you need sports equipment storage, look no further. Fairfax City Self Storage offers safe and trusted storage options for you to store your sports equipment temporarily or for the long term. We have put together a list of tips so you can successfully store your sports equipment.

Inspect, Clean, and Dry

Before storage, make sure you know how to clean your sports equipment. Inspecting the item ensures that there are no damages such as rips or tears. If it needs fixing, try to fix it. This way, further damage is avoided. Additionally, try to clean the item before placing it in storage. By doing this, not only will your item be ready for use once you bring it out of storage, but it helps to prevent mold growth. Knowing how to clean sports equipment can be tricky. Often, it depends on the item. Look at the user manual to see the proper way to clean it. The most important step in this section is to dry the sports equipment. Any moisture can damage surrounding items and the item itself.

What to Buy for Sports Equipment Storage

If you are looking into sports equipment storage, you’ll need to buy a few things first. Here’s a list to help with that process.

  • Boxes and bins: Boxes and bins are affordable solutions to sports equipment storage.
  • Shoe rack: Consider buying a shoe rack if you are storing several pairs of sports shoes.
  • Ceiling hooks: Ceiling hooks can be useful to hang bulkier sports equipment. Bicycles, for instance, are perfect items to hang from hooks.
  • Corkboard: Consider getting a corkboard to hang items from it.
  • Sports ball storage racks: Boxes and bins work, but it can be inefficient to store balls in them. You may want to invest in a sports ball storage rack to best optimize your storage space.

Create an Inventory List

Knowing how to organize sports equipment is important. To do this, you should make an inventory of your items. This can speed up the process of finding what you need when you return to your storage unit. Try organizing your equipment into categories such as size, season, or sport.

Avoid Mold, Dust, and Rust

You may want to look for a temperature-controlled self-storage unit to ensure the protection of your items. Depending on the equipment, the elements can cause unrepairable damage. Our temperature-controlled self-storage units can help prevent this from happening.

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Fairfax City Self Storage offers clean and safe sports equipment storage options. We have 30 years of experience serving families in need of storage across Fairfax, Virginia. You can access your stored items 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

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