How to Store Stuffed Animals in a Storage Unit

Storing Stuffed Animals Long-Term


From a beloved teddy bear from childhood, that collection of famous beanie babies, or other sentimental plush toys, we want to store our stuffed animals correctly, preserving them for long-term storage.


This article will discuss tips on storing stuffed animals for a long time, keeping them safe and in the best condition while saving space. We will show you how to store stuffed animals long-term, whether at home or in a storage unit.


Step-By-Step Guide for Storing Stuffed Animals

Storing stuffed animals safely and effectively can be done in a few simple steps. First, you’ll want to clean your stuffed animals, removing dirt, dust, and debris, as dust mites can thrive living on the stuffed animals without proper cleaning and drying.


After cleaning your stuffed animals for long-term storage, you’ll want to consider your available storage solutions. Choosing the best solutions for storing stuffed animals will depend on your available space and how many stuffed animals you’d like to put away.


How To Clean Your Stuffed Animals

Imagine pulling your stuffed animals out of storage a few years from now; they are soft, clean, and instantly huggable, free of filth and possible dust mites. This ideal situation is feasible if you take a short time to thoroughly clean your stuffed animals before storing them.


Begin by removing any dust or dirt from the surface of the stuffed animal; this can be done using a vacuum or brushing away any dust from all angles of the stuffed animal. Or if time isn’t a problem and you want to remove all those potential dust mites, try putting your stuffed animals in freezer bags (to avoid freezer burn) and place them in the freeze for 24 hours, ensuring all those dust mites are killed off.


Another way to remove dust mites and dirt is to wash the stuffed animals in hot water by hand or in the washing machine. Once cleaned, thoroughly dry the stuffed animals, as any wet or dampness will lead to mildew or mold.



Best Solutions for Storing Stuffed Animals Long-Term


Are you looking for ideas for storing stuffed animals? A few storage ideas to consider are storage bins, air-tight bags, toy chests, and climate-controlled storage units. The best long-term practical and space-saving solution for storing stuffed animals would be to place them in plastic storage bins or air-tight bags and place those in a climate-controlled environment like a storage unit.


If you don’t have any storage bins, containers, or organizers (wicker baskets and wooden crates work well, too), try wrapping your stuffed animals in tissue paper, acid-free boxes, or pillowcases to preserve them in their current condition.


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Fairfax City Self Storage offers climate-controlled units for storing all your valuable items, including sentimental belongings like stuffed animals. 4x4x4, 4×5, and 5×5 storage units are available, perfect for keeping your stuffed animals safe and leaving you more space at home.


Call one of our Fairfax City Self Storage specialists today to learn more about storing stuffed animals and what units may be best for you. Learn more about storing toys here and even how to organize your future storage unit here!

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