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How to Store Suitcases in a Storage Unit

Luggage – so convenient when we need it, but oh so inconvenient when we don’t. Luggage tends to take up a lot of space, so finding a suitable storage solution for all your suitcases might be a daunting task, especially if you’re moving or live in a small apartment or garage that lacks storage space. In need of some ideas on what to do with all those suitcases, duffel bags, and rucksacks lounging around rent-free in your home?

Here’s how to store suitcases when you’re not on the go to keep them clean, safe, and ready for the next adventure.

How to Store Your Suitcases Properly? Rent a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit

For most people, let alone travelers, a suitcase is a big investment. But, when it comes to knowing how to store a suitcase, it can be tough to figure out how to keep it out of the way, but still safe and accessible. Luckily, storage units are the perfect luggage storage solution. It’s the ideal place to store your travel companions and keep them in top shape for years to come by following a few basic tips on how to store your luggage properly.

Clean Your Suitcases Before Storage

First things first – before storing your suitcases in a storage unit, ensure all your luggage is clean, dry, and free of mildew, dust, and/or debris when you put it away, to prevent mold and dampness from creeping in and keep them in good shape.

Make Sure Your Luggage Is Sealed Up

It is easy for luggage to get damp, mildew, and unusable in just a short period of time, which is why knowing how to properly store suitcases in a storage unit is a must – especially if it spends a long time in storage in between trips. Make sure your suitcase is properly sealed up so that nothing leaks inside the suitcase and damages it.

Store Smaller Luggage Inside a Suitcase

The smart use of available storage unit space is to combine as many pieces of luggage as possible. Consider how you can use the interior of your suitcase productively. For example, duffel bags can be flattened and placed inside a smaller suitcase. The smaller suitcase can then be put inside a larger suitcase, making it only necessary to rent storage space for that one piece of luggage.

Contact Us Today to Store Your Luggage in a Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Unit

The fastest way to ruin an expensive suitcase is by improperly storing it in an area that is exposed to very high humidity and a mold-friendly range of temperatures. Storing your luggage in a storage unit will keep them nicely tucked away from any damaging environmental conditions, as opposed to attics or basements, where significant temperature fluctuations and humidity changes are common.

Fairfax City Self Storage is the convenient and cost-effective luggage storage solution you’ve been looking for. From accessibility to humidity and temperature control, our wide range of climate-controlled self-storage units meet all your luggage storage needs. Have peace of mind knowing your suitcases are safe while moving or just waiting for the next big trip without taking any extra space in your home.

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