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How to Store T-Shirts in a Storage Unit

There is nothing quite as iconic as a t-shirt. It’s the staple clothing item that never goes out of style and can be worn for casual lunches or dressed up for formal events and gatherings. Many people also cherish their vintage t-shirts. Whether it be a favorite musical artist or an event from a past year, keeping your t-shirts in good condition can preserve your ability to wear them over and over.

However, there may be times when you don’t need to wear certain items or want to keep specific shirts primarily for sentimental value. A professional storage solution from Fairfax City Self Storage is a great choice to consider and there are several tips you can follow when determining how to best store t-shirts.

Why Should You Store T-Shirts in a Storage Unit?

It’s not always convenient to keep your t-shirts at home. For starters, fashions are constantly changing and your closet space will begin to fill up. There are also a number of other reasons why many opt for a storage unit to store their t-shirts:

  • Moving or completing home renovations.
  • Lack of storage space at home.
  • Seasonal clothing.
  • A large vintage t-shirt collection.

If any of the above reasons apply to you, it may be wise to consider a storage unit for your t-shirts. Let’s take a look at how to store your t-shirts so they don’t become damaged while in storage.

How to Store T-Shirts Without Wrinkling

Throwing a dirty shirt into a bag and anticipating that it will hold its shape or style in long-term storage is unrealistic. Instead, follow a few easy steps and avoid permanent wrinkling, soiling, fading, and other challenges that damage t-shirts.

Step #1: Clean Your T-Shirts (Gently)

Cleaning your t-shirts and removing any dirt or grime before it settles in is the first step to take before storage. A high spin cycle on a washing machine or the use of scorching hot water may seem like a great way to clean your t-shirts, but it can actually harm them, especially delicate vintage shirts. It’s best to use cold water and wash your shirts inside out to preserve the print and exterior color. Wash with similar colors and be mindful of detergent. Remember that the fabric of your t-shirt requires a gentle wash. For special shirts, consider hand washing and limit the amount you wear and wash shirts in a cycle.

Step #2: Dry, Steam, and Fold T-Shirts

As the vast majority of t-shirts are made from cotton, using heat to dry or iron your garments can be risky. Avoid the dryer and hang your t-shirts to dry, as the use of a dryer can cause the shrinking and deformation of sensitive fabrics. Even when dry, t-shirts removed directly from the wash will be prone to wrinkles. Depending on the recommended care of the t-shirt, it may be possible to use an iron, but be cautious regarding the amount of heat applied. In many cases, using a steamer can be gentler on your t-shirts while giving them that “fresh from the store” look.

Step #3: Choose a Storage Method

When it comes to how to store t-shirts long-term, there are a couple of methods you can use to keep your clothes clean and organized:

  • Hang your t-shirts in a wardrobe box – It’s best to use wooden hangers as metal and plastic can corrode and cause discoloration. You can cover any wardrobe box from the top and add a blanket or light sheet to offer added protection from dirt and debris or light.
  • Fold your t-shirts – Stand folded shirts on end within a wooden cabinet or a cardboard storage box. This will make it easy to find the shirt you are seeking and won’t “smoosh” your shirts, which occurs when you place them in a stack. If you use the folding method, make sure to cover your shirts with wrapping paper or a sheet.
  • Roll your t-shirts – Rolling your t-shirts and placing them within a cabinet or a cardboard box is another possible choice. This is also a method that will help you save space. However, it is important to not overpack as this can cause damage or deformation.

Pro-Tip: How to store t-shirts without wrinkling is a common question for long-term storage. Any of the above methods will keep your shirts unwrinkled. Never vacuum seal or excessively stretch your garments. It’s also important to keep t-shirts away from direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration or fading. All three of these methods can also be used when determining how to store vintage t-shirts. You will simply want to handle each shirt with extra care.

How to Best Store T-Shirts: Temperature Controlled Storage

If there is one major takeaway from our recommendations, it is to select temperature controlled storage. The constant cool and dark environment will preserve the print and fabric of your t-shirts. Fairfax City Self Storage provides stable conditions throughout the year with temperatures between 60-75 degrees in our units. We also monitor humidity levels, so your garments (when dry) are not impacted by moisture or the threat of cracking and ripping when it is extremely dry during the hot summer months.

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