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How to Store Ties in a Storage Unit

From silk ties and those made of other fabrics to long neckties and bow ties, the piece of clothing that is used for decorative fashion around the neck is always a stylish choice. While different tie types, lengths, and cuts are more on-trend than others at any given moment, many varieties always seem to come back in style. Because ties never seem to truly go out of style, storing them is a great solution.

In addition to style changes, there are several reasons why people choose to store their tie collections:

  • Your family is moving and you need short or long-term storage.
  • You are renovating your home and want to protect your clothing during construction.
  • You have a lack of storage space at home and could use a place to store ties you don’t wear as often or only on a seasonal basis.

No matter your reason for storage, it’s important to learn how to store ties and extend their lifespan. Use a professional storage solution from Fairfax City Self Storage to keep your ties in their current condition, as well as safe and secure. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can plan to store your ties properly.

Tips for How to Properly Store Ties

Tip #1: Remove Creases, Wrinkles, and Stains

If you’re determining how to store your ties, the first step is to make sure they are being placed away in good condition. As with any piece of clothing, ties are made from delicate fibers that can become tarnished over time. Tugging on a tie or not properly caring for it after it is worn will create creases, wrinkles, or tears. It’s best to dry clean your ties. You can also use a hand steamer to remove pesky fabric lines.

Tip #2: Hang Ties on a Tie Rack

One tie storage solution is a tie rack, which will allow you to hang your ties so new creases and wrinkles don’t form. A tie rack can be placed along a wall with ties draped evenly across the rack bar. While this type of tie storage is effective for keeping your garments flat and organized, it may not be the best long-term storage solution, especially if protection is needed from environmental changes. Fortunately, Fairfax City Self Storage has many temperature-controlled storage options available that protect clothing from the elements. Perhaps you are wondering how to store several silk ties? With climate control, your clothing is stored at a stable temperature between 60-75 degrees, and humidity is always monitored, which is especially important for delicate fabrics like silk.

Tip #3: Invest in a Tie Organizer

In order to conserve space or to keep ties in a specific order, a tie organizer may be the best choice for your tie collection. This may include rolling or folding ties to store them in categorized drawers. To fit ties properly, drawers are usually anywhere from 18 to 30 inches wide and 14 to 20 inches deep. If you plan to store ties in a tie organizer such as a drawer with dividers, it’s important to store your garments loosely. This will help avoid tears, snags, and creasing. There are also many other tie organizers available, such as square cubby compartments that can be used to store rolled ties. Others more closely align to tie racks. For example, you may select a tie carousel, which is a mounted unit that can spin your hanging ties in order for easy, yet categorized selection.

Tip #4: Re-Organize Regularly

If you plan to place your ties into storage for an extended period of time, it’s best to “let them breathe” every so often. This rule should be used for any clothing you are placing in a storage unit. Visit your ties and remove them from your rack or drawer, at least every six months, so you can hang, roll, or fold them again. This can help prevent deep creases or fold marks. Additionally, a visit to your storage unit is a good time to pick up any ties you may want to wear for upcoming occasions!

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