How To Store Video Games

How To Store Video Games Properly

Do you need expert advice on how to store video games correctly? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether storing them for the short or long term, you’ll want to properly store your video games, controllers, and game consoles so they stay in their best condition.

From finding the best container to keep them dust-free and safe to wrapping them and the best way to organize your video games, we’ve got you covered. This article will discuss how to store your video games, including how to store game consoles and controllers and whether a climate-controlled storage unit is necessary.

Different Types of Video Games and How to Store Them

Firstly, how extensive your collection of video games is can make a difference in how to store your video games properly. If you have a larger collection of video games, you should find storage towers, storage racks, or bookshelves. A storage rack will be better for your video games than stacking boxes one on top or the other. However, organizing your video games in boxes and stacking them is fine for smaller collections. Store the video games in bubble wrap or soft dish towels before placing them in the box to prevent scratches or dings. No matter your video game collection size, you must put your video games in protective containers, like plastic bins or boxes. And storing these bins in a dry, cool, dark place is essential.


Storing Game Consoles

No matter what type of video console you have, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or another console, how you should store video game consoles is similar. Keeping all accessories, wires, and chargers together is important when storing game consoles. Wrap all of these and store them in the same box if possible. Be sure to carefully wrap your video console in bubble wrap before placing it in a box to provide added protection.

Storing Game Controllers

If your game controller includes wires, carefully wrap the wires around the controller. If the cables can detach from the controller, remove the wire before wrapping it around it. Next for how to store video game controllers properly is to put your game controllers in breathable plastic bags or wrap them in breathable cloth. Store your game controllers in the same box as their console, or at least nearby.

Do You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit for Video Games?

Extreme temperatures can seriously damage your video games, controllers, and consoles. It is highly recommended to store your video games in a climate-controlled storage unit. Video game systems should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a clean, dry place.

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