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How to Store Vinyl Records in a Storage Unit

There is nothing quite like the sound of a classic vinyl record. When the turntable power is switched on and the tone arm drops into the groove, a classic sound begins to come resonate through the speakers.

While we love our vinyl collections, they are sometimes extensive, and need a storage solution outside of our living room or den. Other reasons vinyl record collectors require storage options, include:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Completing home renovations
  • Saving records to hand down to family or friends
  • Awaiting the transfer of records to a digital format

If you’re wondering how to store records, you’ve come to the right place! No matter your reason for needing to store vinyl, a professional storage supplier like Fairfax City Self Storage can provide you with short- and long-term storage that meets your specific needs.

How to Store Vinyl Records: 5 Steps to Protect Your Collection


Step #1: Remove the dust

Whether your records spin at 45 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, or 78 rpm, all records have grooves that can easily be damaged by dust and dirt. Chances are that you have been collecting records for years, so these items will naturally be prone to dust build up. Take the time to clean all of your records before placing them into storage. There are record cleaning tools available like record brushes, cleaning solutions, and other items on the market. Never use cloth or paper towels, which can leave damage-causing residue in the grooves.

Step #2: Use original sleeves (if possible)

Keeping your vinyl records in their original packaging is often the best choice, as your records have become used to the environment of the dust sleeve and the album liner. If any of these items are damaged and will no longer offer protection, replacement sleeves and liners are available.

Step #3: Secure the right storage containers

Records should never be left out in the open when placed into storage. It is important to choose durable storage containers that protect your items with a proper seal. There are a number of cardboard box options to store records by size. Square plastic containers are also available, but must be packed tightly with packing materials and a proper lid that minimizes the threat of moisture.

Step #4: Store your records upright

One of the most common causes of record damage is due to “dishing” or warping caused by record stacking. Never store records horizontally in a storage container, as this can ruin your records. Instead, keep your records in proper playing condition by storing them vertically with the open end of the sleeve turned inside of the liner. When placing vinyl records into long-term storage, your music should be comfortably secure in the box with enough room to ever so slightly shift without turning flat or sideways.

Step #5: Wrap your records

Extreme temperatures easily wreak havoc on records. To assist with protection from the elements, wrap your record-filled storage containers with blankets. This will offer a layer of support from extreme cold but can only go so far, especially if you are storing your records in a volatile climate like Virginia. For ultimate protection, consider a temperature controlled storage unit.

Use Temperature Controlled Storage Units

Temperature controlled self storage units are among the greatest asset storage facilities can provide for your record protection. No matter the external conditions, your vinyl records will remain cool and dry from the hot and humid summer heat, while also being safeguarded from frigid winter cold.

At Fairfax City Self Storage, we keep our room temperature at a moderate level between 60-75 degrees, all year long. Additionally, our temperature control units have low humidity and stable conditions that won’t negatively affect your records.

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