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How to Store Watches in a Storage Unit

Regardless of whether the watches in your collection carry sentimental or material value, storing them carefully ensures you enjoy your investment for longer. It only takes a little mismanagement for valuable watches to get permanently damaged. Storing your watches sensibly can help increase the lifespan of your watch collection, whether you have just a select few or are an avid collector.

When it comes to luxury items like these, it’s the storing method that makes all the difference in value, working order, and aesthetics. Today, we go over storing best for watches to keep your treasured timepieces aging perfectly.

One Step Ahead: Before Watch Storage

Improper watch storage can leave your watches scratched or damaged from moisture. On the other hand, simply leaving these valuable watches out can make them an appealing target for thieves. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to keep your watch collection intact. A controlled storage unit is one of the most reliable and secure solutions. Here is everything you need to know about preparing your items for storage:

There are many ways to go about storing your precious watches, from keeping them in a safe at home, to packing them away in a reliable and controlled storage unit. However you decide to store your watches, the following suggestions apply if you want to protect your watch collection and be able to enjoy your timepieces for a long time.

Cleaning Is Necessary Before Watch Storage

It might seem obvious, but many forgo cleaning their watches before storing them. Even if your items look good, there are still a lot of impurities that are hard to detect by the human eye.

Some signs of deterioration are move obvious. When worn, residues from sebum, sweat, soap, and creams collect on the watch, which may result in discoloration and corrosion. Not only are stainless steel and other types of metal affected, but negligence can also damage leather and synthetic wristbands.

Before you store watches in a storage unit, make sure you clean them thoroughly with a soft cloth and warm water.

Remove the Batteries Before Storing Your Watch                    

If the watch will be stored for a long time and the battery loses its charge, it may leak. Removing the battery before storage will avoid considerable damage to the watch’s insides.

For quartz watches, as a precaution, the battery should also be put into a standby mode by pulling out the crown. If you notice any loss of functionality after a long period of storage, change the battery altogether as soon as possible.

Best Storage for Watches: How to Store Watches Safely When Not In Use?

It’s worth mentioning that scratches and other wear and tear damage are not generally covered under warranties. Outside of a storage unit, make sure you protect your collection by either placing them in a locked drawer or better yet, a watch box that has soft padding and lining. Always travel with a watch roll and consider investing in a watch case or pouch with a durable exterior, but soft suede lines on the inside.

Use a Watch Box or a Watch Case

Watch winders, watch rolls, or trays will also do the trick.  Shop around to find the ones that fit your needs and budget. A good case, roll or pouch should have a padded interior, and a durable exterior like nylon or full-grain leather. If you feel like going the extra mile, there are also cases with exteriors made from nubuck bison leather, which is thicker and stronger than cow leather.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Units: The Ultimate Watch Collection Storage

Humidity and dust can play havoc with the finely tuned mechanisms of a watch. That’s why all watches, whether displayed or stored, should be kept in a moisture-free location to prevent corrosion. A temperature-controlled storage unit will successfully protect your watch collection from humidity, dust, sunlight, and other damaging environmental factors.

How to Store Watches in a Storage Unit Successfully

Watches are delicate mechanisms made out of a variety of materials and may be under a large amount of distress if placed in extreme environments for long periods. In a climate-controlled storage unit, the temperature settings are adjusted to perfection, so you can gain peace of mind that your investment will remain intact. Well stored also means stored securely. Regardless of where they end up, moisture will be a natural enemy of your watches. Even when storing watches in a storage unit, it’s best to place the watch in a box or case, to ensure its safety. If you have the original watch box, this is ideal for storage.

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Properly storing your watches will keep your watch collection safe from things like rust and premature wear. At Fairfax City Self Storage, we are experts in watch storage and we’ll take great care of your bellowed items.

We offer a wide range of convenient self-storage solutions that will meet all your needs and keep your treasured watch collection safe.

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