How to Store Wine

How to Store Wine in a Storage Unit

Looking to store wine, but not exactly sure how to go about it? A storage unit might not initially be on your wine storage radar, but it’s actually an incredibly efficient way to store wine! A clean, spacious, and temperature-controlled storage unit is just the answer for how to store wine safely and properly!

Keep reading to learn our best tips and tricks for how to store wine in a storage unit from the experts at Fairfax City Self-Storage!

4 Tips on How to Store Wine in a Storage Unit

Whether you’re a restaurateur or a collector of classic vintage wines, storing wine is a great option for anyone just needs a little extra space (and a proper temperature-controlled environment). However, wine, like any other alcohol, will require a few extra steps to ensure its quality and longevity.

Here are four of our favorite tips on how to store wine in a storage unit.

Keep Wine in a Cool Area

When it comes to storing perishable items like wine, temperature matters. If your wine storage area is too warm, your wine can oxidize and prematurely age, depleting the drink of flavor and vibrancy of color.

The perfect temperature range for wine storage falls somewhere between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit, so having a consistent temperature-controlled room that’s cool will not only help you wine stay fresh, but also prevent against seepage.

Lay Bottles Sideways, Not Upright

A common wine bottle storage question is, “how to store wine bottles?” The Answer: always sideways, never upright. Any professional wine bar or bottle manufacturer will tell you that wine bottles are supposed to lay in their side to prevent the cork from shrinking and drying out.

Keep Wine Bottles Still

While this isn’t necessarily a tip for storing wine bottles, it’s an important one to remember when transferring them. Excess movement can not only cause wine bottles to break, but it can also prevent the settling of sediments within the liquid, causing alterations in taste.

When moving wines, we always recommend for people to rent a high-quality, free renting truck that can get you from point A to point B safely and securely. If you’re transferring fragile items in your car, check out our helpful blog post on how to pack your car for moving.

Keep Wine Out of Direct Sunlight

Wine enthusiasts will tell you that direct sunlight is a classic kryptonite for wine. This is due to the UV rays that prematurely promote the oxidation process, altering the wine’s flavor and color. Most wine bottles will already come with a tinted bottle, but having a cool, dark storage unit is the best way to ensure your wine stays fresh for longer!

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Storage units are not only great for wine bottles, you can also store the rest of the accoutrements, including wine glasses, openers, a wine storage rack, and more!

When packing wine glasses, it’s important to be delicate and select an appropriate box and wrap that will prevent any cracking or breaking of your glasses. Opt for a “dishpack” box – one that’s around 5.2 cubic feet high and has double thick walls for additional protection.

For wrap, we recommend plain recyclable packing paper that has no print on it – newspaper can often leave a stain, so it’s best to stick with ink-free paper.

How Long Can You Store Wine at Room Temperature?

As long as your wine is in a cool, dark storage unit, it can be stored for up to 6-months without any negative effects. Temperature control and proper packing will help it last for longer.

How Long Can Wine Age Before It Goes Bad?

The best part about wine? You can buy one and keep it unopened for years! White wines should be opened after 1-2 years, whereas red wines and cooking wines can last even longer at 2-5 years.

Fairfax City Storage Offers the Best Storage for Wine

Ready to build your collection of wine? Well, first you need to store your current bottles safely and at Fairfax City Self Storage, we have the perfect, temperature-controlled storage units available! Find clean storage units in a variety of sizes for all of your wine storing needs.

For questions about how to store wine in a storage unit or to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives, please contact us today!

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