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How to Store Your Lawn Mower in a Storage Unit

Cutting the grass is a common task we all take on during the spring, summer, and fall. But by the time winter rolls around, we often need to make way for snowblowers, shovels, and other equipment needed to clear snow.

The professional storage team at Fairfax City Self Storage is often asked how to store a lawn mower for the winter. While it may seem simple, there are actually quite a few steps that should be followed for seasonal storage of your machine.

Many customers require lawn mower storage on a seasonal basis, but others need it year-round for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Moving to a new home.
  • Having a home under construction/renovation.
  • Acquiring lawn mowing services for the year.
  • Re-sodding a lawn.

No matter your reason for storage, there are some important steps to remember when determining how to store your lawn mower. These tips can help you stay safe, and will keep your machine in proper operating condition.

How to Store Your Lawn Mower, Long Term

A lawn mower either operates with a gas-powered engine or uses an electric drive mechanism. With powered components, especially those that use combustion, foregoing steps to properly store your machine can be dangerous. Fairfax Self Storage requests that all repairs and maintenance be completed off-premises, before you place your lawn mower into one of our secure self storage units.

If you aren’t sure how to store your lawn mower for winter (or multiple seasons), use this step-by-step checklist to assist with the process:

Step #1: Use Safety Equipment

Gas and oil are both highly flammable and an engine should be treated as if it will start at any time. Before beginning to prepare your mower for long term storage, consider the following safety advice:

  • Use safety glasses.
  • Wear heavy duty gloves to protect your hands.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing.
  • Always have a working fire extinguisher on hand.

Step #2: Clean and Inspect Your Lawn Mower  

We mow are lawns often, especially in the spring and summer months. With heavy use, your lawn mower will likely become dirty and is susceptible to normal wear and tear.

Clean grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and grime from your machine with soap and water. You can also use specialty solutions designed for lawn mower cleaning. This is also a good time to examine your mower blade and perform any general maintenance, like replacing spark plugs. After completing a thorough scrub and inspection of your equipment, make sure your lawn mower is dry before covering it back up.

Step #3: Drain Gas and Oil/Remove the Battery  

Removing the gas and oil from your lawn mower is optional, but you must complete some form of treatment. A small engine’s lifespan can be diminished if it is left to sit for months on end with fuel still in the system.

Draining the gas and oil is recommended, however, some may want to have fuel in the engine for their next use. Adding fuel stabilizer is an alternative to winterize your lawn mower. Some machines may also burn a mixture of oil and gas, using “two-cycle oil,” which often contains stabilizer.

For those with electric mowers, remove the battery and charge it every so often to keep the unit working properly.

Step #4: Use a Protective Cover

To protect the engine components from dust and debris, place a cover over your lawn mower while it is in storage. Like your machine, the cover should be clean. It should also be fully intact without rips or tears.

Step #5: Choose Safe, Secure Storage

Chances are, if you are storing your lawn mower in a storage unit, you may also need to keep trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, extension cords, and other items at our facility.

Fairfax City Self Storage can assist you with all of your storage needs, and we easy access drive up units available in a wide variety of sizes:

Our units are monitored 24/7 and allow for year-round, authorized access.

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