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Need Some Help Before Moving? – These Are the Packing Tips to Remember

You have the excitement of moving into your new home and you start to plan in your head where everything is going to fit. This is a moment to look forward to, with new ideas and routines that you intend on creating. Then the realization hits you that you have to pack up all of your possessions and take them with you. Even that drawer that you shove things in that you don’t know what to do with. Luckily, we have 5 packing tips and tricks for you that should make moving a breeze. Read on for ideas to help your packing experience be stress-free.

Moving Tip #1- Get Your Packing Equipment in Order

To start packing, you need the packing equipment. Get together boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, box tape, markers, and stickers. Here is our complete list of packing equipment that you’ll need. Keeping all of this in one place means you know where all of your essentials are, and you don’t lose time trying to find one of these items when trying to seal up a box.

Moving Tip #2- Use Household Items for Packing

Using items such as towels and bed sheets to wrap delicate, fragile possessions will keep these easily-breakable belongings safe. It also means you will use less bubble wrap, and you’ll pack more of your items together, using fewer boxes. The kitchen is an excellent area to look for things to store within other items. Use Tupperware and pans to hold smaller items such as utensils and gadgets.

Moving Tip #3- Color-code Your Boxes

Use a different color marker or stickers on your boxes, so you know which ones are meant for which room at your new destination. You could also write on the box the name of the room and number them, for example, “kitchen-#1, kitchen-#2”. You’ll know exactly how many boxes you have for each room. If you label and number your boxes, you can take a picture of the contents or write down in a notepad what you have put inside each box so that when it comes to unpacking, you can see which crate holds your beloved camera equipment. This is also a great tip for packing a storage unit as you will know what is in each box without opening multiple cases. Keep a copy of the list in your unit so it’s always there when you visit. We have some great tips on how to pack a storage unit and keep it organized.

Moving Tip #4- Choose Containers Wisely

You want to find the best boxes for moving within your budget. Try to find sturdy cardboard boxes that have holes for handles, so they’re easier to lift. You can also find cardboard boxes that fold and slot together at the bottom, so you don’t waste time taping the box together. Find different sizes of boxes to suit different items and either pack your clothes in suitcases or get garment carrier boxes which include a hanging rail. A great packing for storage tip is to pack items in see-through plastic boxes so that when you visit the storage facility, you can see what is in each box without having to open it up.

Moving Tip #5- Label Your Screws

When disassembling items, the last thing you want is to be unable to find small parts like screws when trying to reassemble. Put these small items in a small bag or envelope and tape the bag to the piece of furniture. If you don’t want to tape it, clearly label which item it belongs to and keep it somewhere safe and easily accessible.

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