Storing a Piano in a Storage Unit

How to Store a Piano in a Storage Unit

Welcome to Fairfax City Storage! Do you have a piano that needs storing? Maybe you’re moving, relocating, or looking to change your music room into a guest room. Whatever the reason, the time has come for you to move your grand, lovely piano. Ensuring its safety is a big concern. We’ll look at that and share valuable tips on how to store a piano and protect its beauty, melody, and craftsmanship.

Preparing the Piano for Storage

Before bidding farewell to your beloved piano (only temporarily!), it’s essential to prepare it for storage. Start by cleaning it thoroughly, making sure there is no dust or debris remains on the piano. Use suitable wood cleansers or other treatments based on the wood your piano is made of.

Next, cover the piano with a breathable fabric or specially designed piano cover to keep it free of scratches, dust, and dirt. If you are storing a grand piano, detach and secure any loose or removable parts, such as pedals or music stands, to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

Moving the Piano

A quick note about moving a piano: we suggest having a professional move your piano to the storage unit. Pianos are obviously very heavy and bulky and need a fair amount of protection when moving. Professional movers will have all the necessary equipment, including moving blankets, straps, and specialized transportation.

If you do plan on doing it yourself, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Plan your route
  • Protect the piano
  • Rent proper equipment, such as a piano dolly and moving straps
  • Lift with care
  • Drive slow and safe
  • Unload with care

When moving a piano to a storage unit it should be done with patience. We also recommend calling in any favors and having a friend or two come and help. If you’re uncertain, enlist a professional piano mover.

Selecting the Right Storage Unit for a Piano

When it comes to storing a piano, the choice of storage unit is critical. We recommend a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures or high humidity. Our climate control storage units will shield your piano from fluctuations in temperature and moisture, which could cause irreversible damage to its delicate components. Ensure the storage unit is large enough to comfortably accommodate the piano and other items. A too cramped storage unit may result in storing heavy boxes or items on top of the piano, which we do not recommend. More on the placement of your piano is below!

Proper Placement & Positioning of Piano

Once you have your piano at the storage unit facility, it’s time to find the perfect spot for your piano. Place it on a sturdy, level surface to avoid any imbalance or potential damage. Be mindful of leaving ample space around the piano to prevent accidental bumps or collisions during your visits to the storage unit. Remember, you don’t want your piano to become an obstacle course for other items or risk being accidentally knocked into.

Storing Electric, Digital Pianos, and Keyboards

Electric pianos and keyboards don’t require as much strategizing as uprights, baby, and grand pianos do. Make sure you’ve removed all batteries and detached any removable parts. Store parts and cables in a bag or box, clearly labeled.

If you have the original box the electric piano came, place all items in it and store it flat in the unit if possible. If not, be sure to put it where boxes won’t be placed on top of it. If no box for storage is available, place a cover over the piano to keep dirt and debris off.

Protecting the Piano While in a Storage Unit

Now that you have gotten your piano to the storage unit, you must take extra precautions to shield it from harm. Use padding or blankets to provide an additional layer of protection against scratches or dings. For those storing a piano in cold and humid conditions, incorporating moisture-absorbing materials like silica gel packets can help combat potential moisture damage due to varying temperatures. It’s also important to avoid stacking heavy items on or around the piano to prevent potential accidents. If you live in an area with temperature fluctuations, we highly recommend a temperature controlled unit.

Additional Considerations for Piano Storage

Your piano will love having periodic visits from you. Check up on it, make sure nothing has fallen on it, and take the opportunity to look for any signs of damage or changes in its appearance. Don’t hesitate to play a few notes! Additionally, if your piano manufacturer or tuner has provided specific instructions or recommendations, be sure to follow them to preserve the piano’s integrity.

Retrieving the Piano from Storage

The day will come when you’re ready to reunite with your cherished piano. As you remove its protective coverings, remember to handle it with care. Reattach any previously detached parts securely, ensuring that everything is in place. After its time in storage, it’s advisable to have your piano tuned by a professional to restore its full glory and ensure it’s ready to create beautiful melodies again.

Fairfax City Storage Can Safely Store Your Baby (Grand!)

Whether it’s a baby, upright, electric keyboard or a full grand concert piano at Fairfax City Storage, we can safely store it to help preserve its beauty and musicality for years to come. Make room in your home or apartment and find the ideal storage solution for your cherished instrument. With 24-hour security, climate controlled options, you can rest easy knowing your baby is in good hands. Contact us today to receive more information or help picking the right size unit.

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