Storing Furniture Long-Term

Storage for Furniture

Are you moving and need to store your favorite furniture pieces? While any move can be overwhelming, moving and storing furniture can be done quickly and efficiently if the proper steps are taken. From heirloom furniture passed down through the family to moving furniture pieces to make space at home, you’ll want to prepare and organize your furniture in your storage unit to stay in the best condition possible and make it easier for when you are ready to move it again.

How to Prepare Your Furniture for Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

Protect your furniture by carefully preparing each piece before moving it into your storage unit.  Thoroughly cleaning each piece of furniture removes any extra layer of dirt, debris, and grim on your furniture. This initial cleaning will help prevent further deterioration, mildew, rust, or mold. Plus, removing any stains as soon as possible can help prevent any permanent stains that may be impossible to remove further down the road.

For cleaning furniture with fabric like couches and fabric cushions, be sure to clean it using the proper upholstery cleaner and vacuum it if possible. Using a furniture-safe pesticide spray on any upholstery or wood furniture is essential to keep bugs and mites away. Before storing, ensure it is completely dry to avoid mold and mildew. In comparison, you’ll want to clean wood furniture with a cleaner that won’t stain or warp the wood. Clean your favorite wood furniture pieces with a gentle wood cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap to preserve the wood’s finish.

Covering Furniture for Storage

To further protect your furniture, it is recommended to cover it with a natural fabric such as a sheet, blanket, or other cotton cloth so that air can circulate, preventing moisture and humidity from being trapped and causing mold. These fabric covers will also keep any dust and debris off your furniture while in storage.

Tips for Organizing Unit

For best practices on how to store couches, tables, chairs, stools, ottomans, and other larger furniture pieces, keeping everything organized is essential. Dissemble the furniture as much as possible, including unscrewing legs from chairs and tables, to prevent damaging your furniture and to create more space in your unit.

Furthermore, don’t overload your storage unit with furniture; keep enough space to move around. Place the larger items in first, then move the smaller pieces and boxes.

Find the Perfect Storage Unit Today

Discover storage for furniture near you by contacting Fairfax City Storage today. Speak with our helpful specialists, who can help answer any of your questions and provide more tips for moving and storing your furniture. We offer safe, climate-controlled storage units in various sizes to fit your storage needs. Contact us to get started!

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