Storing Linens

How to Store Linens in a Storage Unit

Unless you’ve been blessed with a lot of storage space in your bathroom or laundry room, finding a place to store your linens can be difficult. If you’re stuffing bedspreads, towels, and other linens under your bed or crammed in closets, we can offer you some relief. When you’re out of space at home, a storage unit for your linens is the next best option. Selecting a clean, dry, and well-maintained unit is essential to ensure your linens stay in top condition. Climate-controlled units will protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity, which is crucial for long-term linen storage. We’ll look at how to prepare your linens for storage and other valuable tips.

Preparing Linens for Storage

Linens are a broad term that includes many household goods made from fabric. This includes bedspreads, towels, curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bed sheets, and pillowcases. These can be heirloom linens or those for every day. The key to successfully storing all linens starts with proper preparation. Ensure all your linens are thoroughly cleaned and completely dry before storing them. Any moisture can lead to mold and musty smells, potentially ruining your precious linens. It’s also a good practice to iron them before storage to prevent deep-set wrinkles and to make unpacking easier later on.

Effective Folding and Rolling Techniques

To maximize space in your storage unit, consider neatly rolling your towels and linens. This method not only saves space but also helps prevent creases and wrinkles. 100% linen is a strong textile but wrinkles easily, so rolling is perfect for 100% linen home goods. For items like bed sheets or larger linens, folding might be more appropriate. The goal is to store your linens in a way that they remain easily accessible and in good condition.

Utilizing Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are a fantastic solution for storing linens, especially for long-term storage. These bags protect your linens from moisture, pests, and dust while also reducing the amount of space they take up. Be careful not to overfill these bags, as linens need some wiggle room to breathe and maintain their texture and quality.

Keeping Your Linens Fresh in Storage

To keep your stored linens smelling fresh, consider using natural fresheners like lavender sachets or cedar blocks. These can help maintain a pleasant scent and deter pests. Don’t place any sachets, herbs, or other fresheners directly on the fabric. Instead, place the freshener in a small, clean storage container or bowl. Place it on top of the linens and close the box or tub. This way it will release the scent but not leave any residue on the linens. It’s also vital to occasionally check on your linens and, if possible, air them out to refresh them and prevent any stale odors.

Organizing Linens in the Storage Unit

Organizing your linens effectively in the storage unit will save you a lot of time and hassle when it is time to retrieve them for use. Group similar items together, like towels with towels and bed linens with bed linens. Keep comforter sets together with their matching sheets. If you’re storing them in boxes or containers, label them clearly for easy identification. Your linens and home goods should always be stored on top of other boxes to prevent crushing from heavier items in the storage unit.

Storing Vintage and Heirloom Linens

All of the tips above will be suitable for preparing your vintage linens and home good items. For older linens, it is important to clean and wash them with care using appropriate gentle detergents. It is crucial to repair damaged items before storing. When storing vintage linens choose containers that are acid-free, or cedar chests to prevent pests and mold growth.

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By following these steps for storing linens, you can ensure that your linens and home goods will remain in excellent condition, even when stored for long periods. Remember, the care you put into storing your linens now will reflect the longevity and quality they will retain for years to come. To learn more about Fairfax City Self Storage and our many sizing options for self storage,  contact us today! From 4×4 to 10×15, and even car storage options, we have you covered for all your storage needs.

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