Storing Valuables in a Storage Unit

How to Store Your Valuables Long-Term

Properly storing your valuables to keep them safe is essential. You must choose a reputable self-storage facility to protect valuables, plan ahead, and use high-quality packing and storage box supplies. At Fairfax City Self Storage, we understand that your belongings, no matter their size or sentimental value, are important to you. That’s why our storage solutions prioritize protection and security, so you have peace of mind knowing your values are safe and sound.

Discover some helpful tips and insights for storing valuables, including properly packing and protecting them and selecting the safest place to keep them based on your unique storage requirements.

Tips For Storing Valuables

When moving your valuables to self-storage, you don’t want to rush the process. Instead of rushing, give yourself enough time to assess if a storage facility meets your standards, and carefully pack your belongings to prevent breaking or damaging anything.

How To Properly Pack and Store Valuables

Invest in proper storage boxes and supplies for storing valuables. Use protective wrapping and packing materials like bubble wrap to ensure all fragile valuables can’t be broken or damaged. Use garment bags and wardrobe boxes to protect valuable clothing and keep them in optimal condition while in storage. For fragile items like stemware and electronics, use specialty-sized boxes. Ensure that boxes are secured with tape and kept upright.

Use A Quality Lock

Find a reliable disc lock or cylinder lock rather than a padlock, which somebody can cut off. Disc locks are often the most popular because they feature anti-pick pins, making breaking or interfering with the locking system complex. It is essential to keep your keys and storage passcodes secure and only share them with those you trust.

Get an Insurance Plan

It’s a good idea to purchase insurance for your self-storage unit to protect your belongings. In many cases, storage facilities are responsible for the unit itself, but the contents are the renter’s responsibility. It’s also a good practice to keep a documented list of your values and communicate with your insurance company to determine what types of items are insured and what are not.

What’s the Best Place to Store Valuables?

Once your items are securely packed, you will want to store them in a safe facility. Find a self-storage facility that offers climate-controlled, high-security storage options. When inquiring about a storage facility, ask them about the security measures, such as video camera surveillance, keyless entry, and restricted access to specific floors. The safest place to store valuables is in a well-maintained and well-lit facility.

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