Tips for College Moving

How to Prepare for A College Move


If you are preparing for a college move, your to-do list may seem endless. Limit stress and make a move more seamless by preplanning and making the necessary arrangements. This article will explore various college moving tips, from proper boxing and packaging to the required equipment for moving day, college storage unit benefits, and the best go-to tips and tricks for the big move day. Become an expert mover, and learn how to make moving to college as simple as can be.


How To Pack for College

Congratulations, the big day is upon you – college moving day! With all the excitement, you might also be worried about moving to a new place. Use these valuable moving-to-college tips to take the edge off so you can focus on the big adventure that awaits you in college.


When packing for college, it’s best only to bring essentials like bedding, toiletries, towels, and the needed clothes. Space may be limited in your new room, so pack lightly and bring what you don’t want to leave behind.


Packing up your clothes will probably be the majority of your belongings. Space bags and storage bins will become your best option for organizing your clothes and optimizing your space, decluttering as much as possible.



College Moving Tips


To prepare for the big day, you can get storage bins and other potential storage options like hanging closet organizers, shower caddy, and more. These storage bins will significantly help you organize your room. If you need more containers, get a few cardboard boxes that can be broken down after using them to move your things. Categorizes the boxes by season, clothing type, etc., and label them appropriately. Place your heavier items at the bottom and lay the lighter items on top.


College Storage Units


Are you looking for additional space for your belongings while in college? Perhaps you are moving far from home and would like to keep more of your things within a short drive to your college, or maybe you’ve left college and need space big enough to store everything you had in your dorm room. Whether you are moving to or moving from college, college storage units are available to rent.


A nearby storage unit can provide a convenient area, simplifying your move. Fairfax City Self Storage offers safe, affordable 10×35 storage units if you want additional storage space while in college near Northern Virginia.



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