4x5 Self Storage Units in Fairfax VA

Creating extra space at home can be a relief, especially when you have items you don’t need all the time. Often, removing only a few things makes it easier to function and a small storage unit can be a great place to keep those goods until you need them again.

4x5 storage units are the ideal solution for storing miscellaneous items. You’ll be surprised how much you can keep inside. A 4x5 storage unit is roughly the size of a small broom closet and has about 8.5 feet of headroom. It can accommodate several boxes, seasonal items such as decorations and lights, off-season clothing, toys, sports equipment, books, records, lamps, suitcases and more. At Fairfax City Self Storage, you can choose from several storage unit sizes, including 4x5 storage units, which are the perfect choice for when you want to clear out clutter.

These units are also a great safe space to keep your most prized possessions. Are you an experienced traveler? Store keepsakes you’ve collected from around the world without worrying about damaging or losing items. Maybe you’re an avid shopper and have numerous bags, shoes and clothes you’d like to keep, but you’ve run out of closet space. Choose a 4x5 storage unit and enjoy having more room at home for you and your family.

How Big is a 4x5 Storage Unit?

A little extra space is easy to find in a 4x5 storage unit. With the room you would have in a storage closet, you’ll have 80 cubic feet to put your items in. If you need to clear up some room at your apartment or house, this unit size can accommodate some of your items such as outerwear, or perhaps boxes and briefs from a small business. 4x5 self storage units are spacious enough to give you some breathing room at home, yet offer convenient access when it’s time to return to get your things.

Temperature Controlled 4x5 Storage Units

Fairfax City Self Storage wants to shield your possessions from the elements, which is why we offer 4x5 indoor storage units that provide protection, no matter the season. We ensure that our temperature controlled storage units are monitored so that your valuables are kept under the same conditions they would be at home. Throughout the year, we make sure that temperatures remain between 60-75 degrees. Our buildings are also maintained under local operation, meaning someone always has a close eye on the internal conditions of the facility. For those who don’t need temperature control protections, our team can also provide non-temperature controlled units.

Storage Facility Features

Receive a first-class storage experience when you use our state-of-the-art facility. Located just off Route 66 and near the Beltway, our storage buildings provide easy access, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our 4x5 storage units in Fairfax, Virginia are well-known for their top-notch accessibility, security and cleanliness standards. See what we have to offer:

  • Automatic LED lighting in every building.
  • Video surveillance and 24-hour security.
  • Secure entry and exit points.
  • Units at ground level and access via elevator to all second-floor units.
  • All masonry construction with metal partitions.
  • On-site moving materials and hand carts for every customer.
  • Professional and friendly staff.

That’s not all. Our valued customers also have the opportunity to use a free moving truck, no strings attached.

No Hidden Fees

Our team believes in being open and honest with all of our pricing so you receive a trustworthy service. We provide all of our storage solutions without hidden fees or underlying costs that jack up the price. The only payment required is your monthly rent and an initial security deposit that is fully-refundable. Additionally, our prices are guaranteed for one year minimum.

Contact Us Today

Secure a space today by contacting Fairfax City Self Storage. We offer affordable 4x5 indoor storage units for as little as $75 per month. Get started by filling out a simple online form or give us a call at (703) 978-1200.

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