5x5 Self Storage Units in Fairfax VA

Deciding on how much storage space you need can be difficult. You don’t want to pay for space you aren’t using but you also don’t want to come up short when you need a place to store your items. With Fairfax City Self Storage, securing a location that works for you is effortless. We offer a wide variety of storage units and can help you determine the right one for you. Generally, we recommend our 5x5 storage units for items that can roughly fill a large closet at home. These units offer 8.5 ft. ceilings and are great for storing several boxes, chairs, dressers, a twin bed (even a queen mattress with a bit of effort), seasonal clothes, holiday decorations and countless other items.

5x5 storage units can serve a variety of needs. Maybe you’re a student returning home from college and need temporary space or perhaps you have a hobby or small business and need to store extra supplies. Consider placing your possessions in one of these smaller storage units that can easily accommodate all of your items.

How Big is a 5x5 Storage Unit?

Just slightly smaller than a room, your 5x5 storage unit includes well over 200 cubic feet of space (around 212 cubic feet). The perfect size for someone with slightly more than the average amount of small items, this unit can provide relief for items that may only be heading to storage for a short time. In addition to the items listed above, you may be able to store small pieces of equipment, a collection of business records and filing cabinets, or sporting goods like snow skis, fishing poles or hockey sticks. Enjoy a little less clutter in the garage or basement with a 5x5 storage unit that can accommodate your things.

Temperature Controlled 5x5 Storage Units

You never have to worry that your belongings will be damaged because of fluctuating temperatures outside. Our spacious 5x5 indoor storage units are temperature-controlled to protect your possessions from the elements. Fairfax City Self Storage keeps the temperature between 60-75 degrees all year long and our facilities are locally operated so that someone is always available to monitor the conditions. We can also offer non-temperature controlled units for our customers. Talk to our friendly and professional team members for more information.

5x5 Storage Unit Size

Storage Facility Features

We know that accessibility is key when it comes to finding the right storage solution. That’s why our team offers easy and secure access to your items 24/7, 365 days a year. Interested in exceptionally clean and spacious 5x5 Storage Units in Fairfax, Virginia? Look no further and visit us, just off Route 66 and near the Beltway. You will find our state-of-the-art storage facility, equipped with unlimited access and safety features such as:

  • Automatic LED lighting
  • Ground level units and elevator access to reach second floor units
  • All masonry construction with metal partitions
  • On-site moving materials, hand carts
  • 24-hour security and camera monitoring
  • Secure entry and exit points
  • Helpful staff

Our team strives to make your convenience a top priority which is why all of our customers receive a special gift to make their experience more enjoyable: a free moving truck with every storage rental.

No Hidden Fees

None of our moving assistance or security measures require additional payment and we don’t charge hidden fees or require special payment processes in order to receive top-quality storage. In addition to your monthly rent, all of our 5x5 storage units simply require an initial security deposit which is 100% refundable. Additionally, our prices are guaranteed for one year minimum.

Contact Us Today

Clear out some extra space or find temporary storage for items you’ll need in the near future with Fairfax City Self Storage. For as little as $80 per month, our 5x5 temperature-controlled storage units are the perfect solution. Contact us today at (703) 978-1200 or get started by filling out a simple online form.

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